Gloxinella, Gloxiniopsis and Monopyle

The genera Gloxinella and Gloxiniopsis include species that were formerly placed in the genus GloxiniaPhylogenetic and morphological studies reported in 2005 have made it clear that these species were not closely related to other members of that genus, but that both appeared more closely related to Monopyle.

Gloxinella includes just one species, Gloxinella lindeniana, previously known variously as Gloxinia lindeniana and Kohleria lindeniana.  Although widely distributed, all material in cultivation appears to have been from a single collection.  It has been recently re-collected in Peru.  The lavender flowers have a distinctive scent, and the leaves are attractively patterned. 

Gloxiniopsis also includes just one species, G. racemosa, which was formerly placed in the genus Gloxinia.  In fact, this species has a remarkable superficial similarity to Gloxinia perennis.  This similarity was misleading -- phylogenetic and morphological study has shown it to be only distantly related to the Gloxinias, and to have an affinity to both Gloxinella and Monopyle.  This species is found in the Andes of Colombia.

Monopyle is a larger genus, with more than twenty species distributed through southern Central America, and northern South America.  Very few are in cultivation.


Gloxinella Species

Gloxinella lindeniana bed (Wisley)

Gloxinella lindeniana

Gloxinella lindeniana

Gloxinella lindeniana leaves

Gloxiniopsis Species

Gloxiniopsis racemosa

Gloxiniopsis racemosa 2

Gloxiniopsis racemosa 3

Monopyle Species

741s.jpg (2588 bytes)
Monopyle flava
742s.jpg (2101 bytes)
Monopyle flava flower closeup

Intergeneric hybrids

1118s.jpg (3862 bytes)
xGloxinistema 'First Frost'

xGloxinistema 'First Frost'







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