Aeschynanthus humilis
(formerly A. hildebrandii)

Grown by Betty Tapping
Photo by Ron Myhr

Aeschynanthus humilis is an unusual Aeschynanthus, in that it is a fairly small and generally upright growing plant, with leaves that are not at all succulent. Well-grown, as it has been here by Betty Tapping, it can be a spectacular specimen, with many bright orange flowers produced at the leaf tips.  A close-up shows the elegant form and interesting markings of the flowers.  This species was formerly known as A. hildebrandii, but has a distinctly different flower-shape than that species. A comparison of the flowers of the two species clearly illustrates distinct differences.

A. humilis is not a particularly easy plant to grow for many people, although some find it quite amenable. It does well under artificial lighting, but requires careful attention to watering (moist but not wet), and does best in fairly warm circumstances. A photo that shows it with the related A. speciosus and several hybrids of the two may be seen by clicking here.  A yellow form, A. humilis 'Topaz', provides a  pleasing contrast to the standard orange form.

A. 'Hot Flash' is a hybrid of humilis and A. evrardii.



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