Alpine Gesneriads

There are a number of gesneriad species, across several genera, which are native to relatively temperate, usually alpine, locations, and which are sufficiently hardy to tolerate at least several degrees of frost. These are known collectively as the "alpine gesneriads", and I have grouped them here as they are often discussed as a group.


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xBrigandra calliantha

Conandron ramondiodes

Conandron ramondiodes (pink)

Conandron ramondiodes (purple)

Conandron ramondiodes (white)

Haberlea ferdinandii-coburgii (RBGE)

Haberlea ferdinandii-coburgii flower (RBGE)

Haberlea ferdinandii-coburgii (Wisley)

Haberlea ferdinandii-cobourgii flowers (Wisley)

Haberlea rhodopensis (Wisley)

Haberlea rhodopensis in bud (Wisley)

Haberlea rhodopensis 'Monstrom' (RBGE)

Haberlea rhodopensis 'Symond's Form' (RBGE)

Haberlea rhodopensis 'Stormontii' (Wisley)

Haberlea rhodopensis 'Virginalis'

Haberlea rhodopensis 'Virginalis' flower

Haberlea rhodopensis show plant flowers

Haberlea rhodopensis show plant

Jankaea heldreichii

Mitraria coccinea 'Lake Caburgua'

Mitraria coccinea 'Lake Caburgua'  flower

Mitraria coccinea (Ilnacullen)

Mitraria coccinea flower (Ilnacullen)

Opithandra primuloides

Opithandra primuloides (white)

Ramonda myconi (RBGE)

Ramonda myconi on wall (RBGE)

Ramonda myconi 'Album' (RBGE)

Ramonda myconi (Wisley)

Ramonda myconi flowers

Ramonda myconi (pink)

Ramonda myconi pink (flowers)

Ramonda myconi on wall (Wisley)

Ramonda myconi on wall (Geneva Botanic Garden)

Ramonda myconi white form (Geneva Botanic Garden)

Ramonda nathaliae flowers

Ramonda nathaliae

Ramonda serbica (Greece)

Ramonda serbica (rocky slope, Greece)

xRamberlea 'Inchgarth'

Sarmienta scandens

Sarmienta scandens flowers in hand

Sarmienta scandens flowers






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