Alsobia sp. nov. aff. punctata

Photo by Leslie Brothers, copyright the Smithsonian Institution
Grown at the Smithsonian Institution Greenhouses

Plants in the genus Alsobia are considered by some botanists to belong to the genus Episcia, and this is the preference of the Smithsonian.  I have placed it in Alsobia for consistency with the rest of the site, and because this has become the typical practice.  

This particularly newly introduced species has not yet been assigned a specific name, but is similar to Alsobia punctata.  Some have referred to it as Alsobia sp. 'Chiapas', after the location where it was found, but it is best referred to by its accession number, USBRG 1994-005. 

The fimbriate lip on this species is also characteristic of some other species, like Paradrymonia ciliosa, while the frilly edges to all lobes is found in Alsobia dianthiflora.



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