Alsobia 'Cygnet'

Photo by Ron Myhr
Grown at Wisley Gardens

Alsobia 'Cygnet', a hybrid of A. dianthiflora and A. punctata, is an easy-to-grow plant, which produces large white frilled flowers with tiny purple dots. It can be a very vigorous specimen, producing many strawberry-like stolons with small plantlets along the stolon's length, each of which can be separately rooted. If the stolons are pinched off, multiple crowns will be produced from the base of the plant. A similar hybrid, A. 'San Miguel', is virtually indistinguishable from 'Cygnet'.

'Cygnet' can be grown as either a hanging basket, with some of the stolons allowed to grow over the side of the pot, or as a standard pot plant with stolons allowed to grow only to the first plantlet. Many growers like to plant a number of crowns in a flat pot (a bulb pan), and keep the stolons well under control. The result can be a bushy and floriferous plant.



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