Antique Gesneriad Prints

Gesneriads have been represented in prints dating from the beginning of the 19th Century.  Many of these are excellent examples of the artist's and print-maker's art, providing a more useful and more beautiful representation of the plants than is often possible with photography.  In most cases, prints made prior to 1850 (and sometimes later) were individually colored by hand.  Most of the prints here are hand colored.

In many cases, the prints here were the first publication of the species represented.  They thus represent not only fine art, but significant fragments of botanical history.

The links below are to a selection of antique prints in my collection.  More will be added over time, as they are acquired.


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Print Name Publisher/Editor, Year Current Name
Achimenes amabilis Bibliographisches Institut in Leipzig, ca 1850 Smithiantha multiflora
Achimenes (Naegelia) amabalis Van Houtte, 1857 Smithiantha multiflora
Achimenes 'Ambroise Verschaffelt' Lemaire, 1854 Achimenes 'Ambroise Verschaffelt'
Achimenes 'Edouard Otto', 'Dr. Kopf and 'Edmond Boissie' Lemaire, 1854 Achimenes  hybrids, as named
Achimenes argyrostigma Van Houtte, 1846 Koellikeria erinoides
Achimenes cupreata Curtis, 1847 Episcia cupreata
Achimenes cupreata Van Houtte, 1847 Episcia cupreata
Achimenes cupreata Gand, 1847 Episcia cupreata
Achimenes gloxiniaeflora Van Houtte, 1848 Achimenes glabrata
Achimenes hirsuta Paxton, 1843 Achimenes skinneri
Achimenes ignescens Van Houtte, unknown Achimenes heterophylla(?)
Achimenes longiflora Gardener's Magazine, 1850 Achimenes longiflora
Achimenes longiflora var. Alba Van Houtte 1849 Achimenes longiflora
Achimenes multiflora Van Houtte, 1845 Gloxinia planalta
Achimenes multiflora Paxton, 1843 Gloxinia planalta
Achimenes ocellata Curtis, 1848 Kohleria inaequalis var. ocellata
Achimenes ocellata Van Houtte, ca 1850 Kohleria inaequalis var. ocellata
Achimenes patens Van Houtte, 1847 Achimenes patens
Achimenes pedunculata Curtis, 1844 Achimenes pedunculata
Achimenes picta Paxton, 1846 Kohleria bogotensis
Achimenes picta Van Houtte, 1845 Kohleria bogotensis
Aeschinanthus purpurascens Curtis, 1846 Aeschynanthus albidus
Aeschynanthus boschianus Paxton, 1840s Aeschynanthus boschianus
Aeschynanthuys cordifolius Curtis, 1859 Aeschynanthus cordifolius
Aeschynanthus grandiflorus Paxton, 1834 Aeschynanthus parasiticus
Aeschynanthus grandiflorus Curtis, 1841 Aeschynanthus parasiticus
Aeschynanthus hildebrandii Curtis, 1894 Aeschynanthus hildebrandii
Aeschynanthus javanicus Van Houtte, 1845 Aeschynanthus radicans
Aeschynanthus lobbianus Van Houtte, 1848 Aeschynanthus radicans
Aeschynanthus longiflorus Paxton, 1848 Aeschynanthus longiflorus
Aeschynanthus miniatus Van Houtte, 1847 Aeschynanthus species
Aeschynanthus obconica Curtis, 1890s Aeschynanthus obconicus
Aeschynanthus pulcher Gand, ca 1885 Aeschynanthus pulcher
Aeschynanthus pulcher Van Houtte, 1847 Aeschynanthus pulcher
Aeschynanthus ramosissimus Paxton, 1839 Aeschynanthus parasiticus
Aeschynanthus speciosus Van Houtte, 1847 Aeschynanthus speciosus
Aeschynanthus splendidus Floricultural Cabinet, 1852 Aeschynanthus Xsplendidus
Aeschynanthus splendidus Unknown, ca 1852 Aeschynanthus Xsplendidus
Aeschynanthus splendidus Moore/Ayres, 1851 Aeschynanthus Xsplendidus
Aeschynanthus tricolor Herincq, 1859 Aeschynanthus tricolor
Aeschynanthus tricolor Lemaire, 1855 Aeschynanthus tricolor
Agalmyla staminea Van Houtte, 1848 Agalmyla staminea
Alloplectus capitatus Van Houtte, ca 1850 Corytoplectus capitatus
Alloplectus concolor Curtis, 1848 Nematanthus lanceolatus
Alloplectus dichrous (2 plates) Curtis, 1846;  Unknown Nematanthus hirtellus
Alloplectus pinelianus Van Houtte, 1846 Nematanthus lanceolatus
Alloplectus repens Van Houtte, 1848 Columnea repens
Alloplectus vittatus Linden, 1870 Corytoplectus speciosus (Corytoplectus cutucuensis?)
Alloplectus zamorensis Linden-Andre, 1872 Corytoplectus congestus
Besleria incarnata Bessa, 1822 Chrysothemis pulchella
Besleria meilittifolia Loddiges, 1818 Nautilocalyx melittifolius
Besleria melitifolia Bessa, 1822 Chrysothemis pulchella
Besleria pulchella (2 prints) Curtis, 1808 Chrysothemis pulchella
Besleria pulchella Loddiges, 1825 Chrysothemis pulchella
Blue Gloxinia Edwards, 1817 Sinningia speciosa
Capania grandiflora Planchon, 1849 (?) Kohleria tigridia
Capanea grandiflora Van Houtte, 1849 Kohleria trigridia
Centrosolenia aenea Linden, 1875 Nautilocalyx aeneus
Centrosolenia glabrata Curtis, 1850 Paradrymonia ciliosa
Centrosolenia picta Van Houtte, 1845 Nautilocalyx pictus
Chirita hamosa Revue Horticole, 1896 Chirita barbata (probably)
Chirita lilacina Lemaire, 1869 Unknown;  possibly Monopyle sp.
Chirita moonii Paxton, 1848 Chirita moonii
Chirita moonii Curtis, 1848 Chirita moonii
Chirita sinensis Van Houtte, 1845 Chirita sinensis
Chirita sinensis Edwards, 1844 Chirita sinensis
Chirita sinensis Paxton, 1840s Chirita sinensis
Chirita zeylanica Paxton, 1836 Chirita zeylanica
Chirita zeylanica Curtis, 1845 Chirita zeylanica
Chirita zeylanica Van Houtte/Lemaire, 1846 Chirita zeylanica
Chirita zeylanica Neubert, 1849 Chirita zeylanica
Columnea aurantiaca Van Houtte, 1845 Columnea strigosa
Columnea aureo-nitens Curtis, 1847 Columnea sanguinea
Columnea hirsuta Curtis, 1831 Columnea hirsuta
Columnea kalbreyeri Curtis, 1882 Columnea kalbreyriana
Columnea pilosa (2 plates) Van Houtte, ca 1850 Columnea sanguinea
Columnea scandens Curtis, 1814 Columnea scandens
Columnea scandens Edwards, 1824 Columnea scandens
Columnea scandens Loddiges, 1820s Columnea scandens
Columnea scandens Van Geel, 1828 Columnea scandens
Columnea scandens Curtis, 1859 Columnea scandens
Columnea schiedeana Paxton, 1840s Columnea schiedeana
Columnea splendens Paxton, 1843 Nematanthus crassifolius
Conradia floribundia Unknown Gesneria libanensis
Cydaea Belzebuth Van Houtte, 1865 Kohleria hybrid
Cyrilla pulchella (dark flowers) Curtis, 1797 Achimenes erecta
Cyrilla pulchella (red flowers) Curtis 1797 Achimenes erecta
Didymocarpus humboldtianus Van Houtte, 1853/54 Henckelia humboldtiana
Didymocarpus malayanus Curtis, 1897 Henckelia malayana
Didymocarpus prumulaefolia Curtis, 1860 Didymocarpus primulaefolius
Didymocarpus rexii Curtis, 1830 Streptocarpus rexii
Dircaea blassii plant Van Houtte, 1856 Sinningia magnifica or S. cooperi
Dircaea blassii flowers Van Houtte, 1856 Sinningia magnifica or S. cooperi
Dircaea bulbosa var. lateritia subv. alba Van Houtte, 1856 Sinningia cooperi
Dircaeo-Gesneria purpurea Van Houtte, 1854/55 Hybrid of S. douglassii
Drymonia cristata Van Houtte, 1848 Drymonia serrulata (?)
Drymonia punctata Curtis, 1844 Alsobia punctata
Drymonia turialvae Verschaffelt/Lemaire, 1869 Drymonia turrialvae
Drymonia villosa Curtis/Fitch, 1855 Nautilocalyx villosus
Episcia bicolor Van Houtte, 1848 Nautilocalyx bicolor
Episcia bicolor Moore/Ayres (Mag. of Botany), 1851 Nautilocalyx bicolor
Episcia chontalensis Curtis, 1871 Episcia lilacina
Episcia maculata Curtis, 1890 Paradrymonia maculata
Episcia tessellata Verschaffelt/Lemaire, 1869 Drymonia bullatus
Eucodonopsis naegelioides Van Houtte, 1865 Eucodonia ehrenbergii x  Smithiantha zebrina 'Splendens'
Gesnera allagophylla Edwards, 1835 Sinningia allagophylla
Gesnera bulbosa Bibliographisches Institut in Leipzig,
ca 1850
Sinningia cooperi (?)
Gesnera coruscans Paxton, ca 1850 Sinningia cooperi (?)
Gesneria bulbosa Curtis, 1831 Sinningia bulbosa
Gesnera discolor plant Paxton, 1842 Sinningia gigantifolia
Gesnera discolor flowers Paxton, 1842 Sinningia gigantifolia
Gesnera gardneri Paxton, 1849 Vanhouttea gardneri
Gesnera herbertii/Gesnera gerardiana Paxton, 1847 Smithiantha zebrina
Gesnera mollis Paxton, 1841 Kohleria hirsuta
Gesnera marchii Curtis, 1839 Sinningia magnifica (poss S. aggregata)
Gesnera zebrina Paxton, 1837 Smithiantha zebrina
Gesnera zebrina Sweet, 1854 Smithiantha zebrina
Gesneria aggregata (2 plates) Curtis, 1827 Sinningia aggregata
Gesneria bulbosa (2 plates) Curtis, 1831 Sinningia bulbosa
Gesneria bulbosa var. lateritia Curtis, 1846 Sinningia bulbosa
Gesneria cochlearis Curtis, 1840 Sinningia cochlearis
Gesneria crianai Herinq, 1863 Kohleria trianai
Gesneria cinnabarina Hibbard, 1870 Smithiantha cinnabarina
Gesneria cooperi Floricultural Cabinet Unknown
Gesneria donklarii Curtis, 1858 xGloxineria (Sinningia) hybrid
Gesneria douglasii Curtis, 1837  Sinningia douglasii
Gesneria douglasii Van Houtte, 1854-55 Sinningia douglasii
Gesneria douglasii var. verticillata Paxton, 1838 Sinningia douglasii
Gesneria elliptica var. lutea Van Houtte/Lemaire, 1846 Sinningia incarnata
Gesneria elongata Maund, 1837 Moussonia deppeana
Gesneria elongata Curtis, 1839 Kohleria trianae
Gesneria exoniensis Hibbard, 1870 Smithiantha 'Exoniensis'
Gesneria fascialis Curtis, 1838 Sinningia bulbosa
Gesneria grandis Turpin, 1829/30
(likely from
Dictionnaire des Sciences Naturelles)
Rhytidophyllum grande
Gesneria lateritia Maund, ca 1837 Sinningia lateritia
Gesneria leopoldii Van Houtte, 1852 Sinningia leopoldii
Gesneria libanensis Curtis, 1848 Gesneria libanensis
Gesneria lindleyi Curtis, 1837 Sinningia warmingii
Gesneria mollis Curtis, 1840 Kohleria spicata
Gesneria oblongata Paxton, 1839 Kohleria hirsuta
Gesneria pardina Curtis, 1848 Vanhouttea calcarata
Gesneria picta Curtis, 1849 Kohleria tubiflora
Gesneria prasinata Edwards, 1820 Paliavana prasinata
Gesneria purpurea Curtis, 1859 Sinningia douglasii
Gesneria rupestris Paxton, 1838 Sinningia tuberosa
Gesneria rutila Edwards, 1828 Sinningia incarnata
Gesneria sceptrum var. ignea Curtis, 1837 Sinningia sceptrum
Gesneria seemanii Curtis, 1850 Kohleria spicata
Gesneria stricta Curtis, 1848 Sinningia elatior
Gesneria tomentosa Curtis, 1807 Rhytidophyllum tomentosum
Gesneria tomentosa Bessa, 1824 Rhytidophyllum tomentosum
Gesneria triflora Curtis, 1847 Kohleria hondensis
Gesneria tuberosa Curtis, 1838 Sinningia tuberosa
Gesneria verticillata Curtis, 1827 Sinningia douglasii
Gesneria zebrina Curtis, 1842 Smithiantha zebrina
Gloxinia 'Ami Thibaut' Van Houtte, 1875 Sinningia speciosa hybrid
Gloxinia caulescens D'Orbigny, 1847 Sinningia speciosa
Gloxinia digitaliflora Paxton, 1834 Sinningia speciosa var.
Gloxinia Fyfiana Floricultural Cabinet, 1847 Sinningia speciosa
Gloxinia gesnerioides Van Houtte, 1846 Sinningia hybrid
Gloxinia hirsuta Edwards, 1826 Sinningia hirsuta
Gloxinia hirsuta Curtis, 1826 Sinningia hirsuta
Gloxinia hypocyrtiflora Curtis, 1867 Pearcea hypocyrtiflora
Gloxinia maculata Curtis, 1809 Gloxinia perennis
Gloxinia maculata var. insignis Verschaffelt/Lemaire, ca 1863 Gloxinia perennis
Gloxinia mammouth Van Houtte, unknown Hybrid of Sinningia speciosa
Gloxinia maxima Paxton, 1838 Hybrid of Sinningia speciosa
Gloxinia 'Mina' Van Houtte, 1865 Hybrid of Sinningia speciosa
Gloxinia nouveau hybrids Lemaire-Linden, 1869 (L'illustration Horticole) Sinningia speciosa hybrids
Gloxinia pallidiflora Van Houtte/Lemaire, 1846 Gloxinia perennis
Gloxinia rubra Floricultural Cabinet, 1841 Hybrids of Sinningia speciosa
Gloxinia speciosa Loddiges, 1817 Sinningia speciosa
Gloxinia speciosa Curtis, 1817 Sinningia speciosa
Gloxinia speciosa var. albiflora Curtis, 1833 Sinningia speciosa
Gloxinia speciosa var. macrophylla Curtis, 1842 Sinningia speciosa
Gloxinia speciosa var Menziesii Curtis, 1842 Sinningia speciosa
Gloxinia speciosa varieties Fitch (Floral Mag), 1861 Sinningia speciosa hybrids
Gloxinia tubiflora Curtis, 1842 Sinningia tubiflora
Gloxinia 'Souvenir d'Henri' Van Houtte, 1867 Hybrid of Sinningia speciosa
Gloxinias " Double Corolle" Van Houtte, 1873 Double hybrids of Sinningia speciosa
Hypocyrta brevicalyx Gand, 1888 Pearcea hypocyrtiflora
Hypocyrta leucostoma Curtis, 1847 Besleria leucostoma
Hypocyrta leucostoma Van Houtte, 1847 Besleria leucostoma
Hypocyrta scabrida Van Houtte, unknown Nematanthus, poss. strigilosus
Isoloma pictum Van Houtte, 1850 Kohleria tubiflora
Klugia notoniana Van Houtte, ca 1851 Rhynchoglossum notonianum
Liebegia speciosa Van Houtte, 1847 Chirita asperifolia
Mandirola lanata Verschaffelt, 1856 Eucodonia verticillata
Mandirola Naegelia Roezli Van Houtte, 1845 XAchimenantha 'Roezli'
Mitraria coccinea Van Houtte, 1848 Mitraria coccinea
Mitraria coccinea Neurbert, 1849 Mitraria coccinea
Moussonia elegans Van Houtte, 1849 Moussonia elegans
Naegelia amabilis Van Houtte, 1845 Smithiantha multiflora
Naegelia Sceptre Cerise Van Houtte, ca 1855 Smithiantha hybrid
Naegelia varietates Van Houtte, unknown date Smithiantha hybrids
Nematanthus ionema Van Houtte, 1849 Nematanthus corticola
Niphaea albo-lineata Curtis, 1847 Phinaea albolineata
Niphaea albo-lineata Van Houtte, 1849 Phinaea albolineata
Niphaea argyroneura Van Houtte, 1849 Phinaea albolineata
Niphaea argyroneura Van Houtte, 1853 Phinaea albolineata
Pentarhaphia longiflora Curtis, 1894 Gesneria ventricosa
Ramondia pyrenaica Unknown, 1884 Ramonda myconi
Rhytidophyllum auriculatum Curtis, 1837 Rhytidophyllum auriculatum
Saintpaulia ionantha Curtis, 1895 Saintpaulia ionantha
Sarmienta repens Curtis, 1883 Sarmienta scandens
Scheeria mexicana Van Houtte, 1853 Achimenes hybrid, A. mexicana x A. patens
Sciadocalyx digitaliflora Linden, 1870 Kohleria warszewiczii
Sinningia barbata (probable modern name, original print name unknown) Unknown Sinningia barbata
Sinningia guttata Paxton, 1836 Sinningia guttata
Sinningia guttata Edwards (Bot.Reg.), 1827 Sinningia guttata
Sinningia helleri Edwards (Bot. Reg.), 1826 Sinningia lindleyi
Sinningia youngeana Paxton 1840 Sinningia Xyoungeana
Sinningia velutina Curtis, 1846 Sinningia helleri
Streptocarpus dunnii Pole-Evans 1921 Streptocarpus dunnii
Streptocarpus from seed Botany 1900 Streptocarpus hybrids
Streptocarpus gardenii Van Houtte, 1845 Streptocarpus gardenii
Streptocarpus grandis Pole-Evans, 1941 Streptocarpus grandis
Streptocarpus meyerii Pole-Evans, 1939 Streptocarpus meyerii
Streptocarpus parviflora Curtis, 1882 Streptocarpus parviflora
Streptocarpus polyanthus (2 prints) Van Houtte, 1845 Streptocarpus polyanthus
Streptocarpus rexii Pole-Evans, 1939 Streptocarpus rexii
Streptocarpus reynoldsii Pole-Evans, 1941 Streptocarpus haygarthii
Streptocarpus saundersi Van Houtte, 1850s Streptocarpus saundersii
Streptocarpus vandeleurii Pole-Evans, 1926 Streptocarpus vandeleurii
Trevirania candida Van Houtte, 1848 Achimenes candida
Trichantha minor Curtis, 1864 Columnea minor





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