The Best of the Site

There are a lot of pictures on this site, most of them represent the plants well. But to my eye there are a few that are really the best of the best, photographically speaking. I propose them here for your consideration.  Of course, my opinion on the matter changes from time to time, so the selection here changes as well.  Come back from time to time, to see what's new!

If you want to view each of these in turn, you will have to return to this page (using your browser's "back" button) to do so.


Achimenes glabrata
916s.jpg (2471 bytes) Achimenes heterophylla
Aeschynanthus evrardii (detail)
681s.jpg (2670 bytes) Aeschynanthus chrysanthus
808s.jpg (2019 bytes) Aeschynanthus cordifolius
692s.jpg (2104 bytes) Aeschynanthus guttatus
Alsobia 'Cygnet'
Besleria lutea
733s.jpg (2833 bytes) Paliavana tenuiflora
Chirita dielsii
Chirita sp. 3 (fimbrisepala)
1019s.jpg (2013 bytes) Columnea anisophylla
Columnea 'Early Bird'
0980s.jpg (4096 bytes) Columnea microcalyx (in nature)
0962s.jpg (2509 bytes) Columnea incredibilis
Drymonia strigosa
Episcia 'Cleopatra'
870s.jpg (2844 bytes) Gloxinia 'Chic'
1036s.jpg (3237 bytes)

Kohleria 'Ampallang' flower

1058s.jpg (3173 bytes) Kohleria bogotensis x K. Sciadotydaea hybrid
Nautilocalyx pemphidius
Nematanthus 'Stoplight'
Paradrymonia hypocyrta
Pearcea hypocyrtiflora
Petrocosmea nervosa
Saintpaulia velutina
Saintpaulia 'Picasso'
892s.jpg (2875 bytes) Sinningia concinna
Sinningia conspicua (detail)
Sinningia iarae
Sinningia leucotricha
Sinningia 'Bright Eyes'
Solenophora tuxtlana
832s.jpg (3869 bytes) Streptocarpus cooksonii
Streptocarpus cooperi
1093s.jpg (4126 bytes) Streptocarpus dunnii
Streptocarpus 'Sandra'
1089s.jpg (3495 bytes) Streptocarpus vandeleurii and S. dunnii






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