Chirita longgangensis

Photo and text by John Boggan

This small-growing species from the province of Guangxi, China, is closely related to C. linearifolia, but can be distinguished by its shorter and wider leaves, larger flowers, and shorter peduncles that hold the flowers much closer to the plant. It is easy to grow and quite floriferous, as can be seen in another photo. A close-up of the flower can be seen here.

C. longgangensis was introduced through the Smithsonian Institution as SI 94-081. C. longgangensis has been distributed in North America as C. linearifolia.

The true C. linearifolia, also illustrated on this site, has longer and narrower leaves, and is different in some other minor respects.

C. longgangensis is the parent of a popular hybrid, C. 'Chastity'.



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