Chirita subrhomboidea

Photo by Toshijiro Okuto

Mr. Okuto has noted in his correspondence with me that C. subrhomboidea and a number of the other species and hybrids of Chirita that are illustrated on these pages tolerate very cool temperatures, down to freezing, after having set buds in the fall. In the spring, flowers are produced in a spectacular flush. Grown under more temperate conditions, flowers are produced more sparingly throughout the year, as in the show plant on another page.  Even on a windowsill, though, the plant can be quite floriferous as can be seen here.

C. subrhomboidea has been used by Mr. Okuto in crosses available on this site. These are C. eburnea x C. subrhomboidea; C. subrhomboidea x C. fimbrisepala; and C. subrhomboidea x unidentified species 2.

The plant illustrated here shows the signs of a period of cold-weather semi-dormancy -- leaf browning, damaged leaf surface, etc. However, the incredible amount of bloom for such a small plant shows the potential that this species has for both indoor and, in some climates, outdoor culture.



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