Chirita dielsii

Photo by Toshijiro Okuto
Grown by Masaki Yamagata

This is a remarkable species, one that hasn't yet been grown in North America at the time of initial posting, although it is now in more general cultivation.  Mr. Okuto reports that it was distributed in  Japan with an initial temporary name "Yunnan Iwagirisou".   Subsequently it was called Chirita dielsii, then was thought properly to be C. briggsoides.  The consensus now is that it is really C. dielsii.  This species has a calyx tube and thin leaf, which sets it and speciosa apart from the other generally distributed rosette Chiritas, which have a divided calyx and a thick leaf.

The dramatic flowers, and apparently manageable habit suggest that C. dielsii might become a real winner, although cultivation can be a challenge. Closeups of the flower can be seen by clicking here and here.  Another plant, illustrating the quilted foliage, can be seen here.




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