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Chirita sp. 'New York'

Photo by Ron Myhr  
Grown by Robert Hall

This interesting species has large, almost "cabbagy", leaves, with delicate white flowers held above the foliage.   While it is larger and coarser than many growers would like, it is capable of a magnificent floral display, and a well-grown plant, like the one above, is attractive and certain to elicit convesation.

This plant has been distributed and C. pteropoda, but it has been determined that this identification was in error.   The temporary name 'New York' has been assigned to allow for systematic identification, as it was first distributed from the New York chapter of the AGGS.

A closeup view of the flowers better shows this species' floriferous nature.  It has passed on this floriferousness to a hybrid, C. 'Dreamtime'.



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