Drymonia killippi

Photo by Ruth Zavitz
Grown by Ruth Zavitz

Ruth Zavitz reports that this species has "gorgeious light green leaves about eight inches (20 cm)  long with silver veins".  The flowers are about two inches (5 cm)  long, and last for about three days.  There are as many as 3 to an axil in Ruth's conditions.   The plant seems tolerant of relatively low humidity, and grows quite tall -- at the point this photo was taken, it was about three feet (one meter) tall. 

Note the prominent leafy calyces -- in some species of Drymonia, these are very colorful and decorative.  One example is  D. coccinea, which has several forms.

Other examples of D. killippi may be seen by clicking here and here.  Note that the flower color is somewhat different, probably reflecting both natural variance and cultural factors.



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