Drymonia campostyla

Photo by Leslie Brothers, copyright Smithsonian Institution
Grown at Smithsonian Institution Greenhouses

This plant is also known as Paradrymonia campostyla.  In the view of Dr. Hans Wiehler, as published in Selbyana (v:5:1), the floral characteristic that pulls this species out of Drymonia and puts it into Paradrymonia involves the anthers. Though it certainly looks like a typical vining Drymonia species, it apparently lacks the characteristic salt-and-pepper shaker type anthers of that genus, wherein the pores of the anthers open just at the top and the anther actually needs to be inverted and shaken slightly to disperse pollen. Instead, the anthers in this species open (dehisce) at a pore centrally located, which is typical for Paradrymonia. 

The name Drymonia campostyla is maintained here as it is the name under which the plant has been distributed and grown.



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