Drymonia conchocalyx 'Diane Marie'

Photo by Bob Stewart
Grown by Bob and Dee Stewart

The flower of this species is especially large -- about 11 cm from the leaf axil to the end of the flower, and about 4 cm across.  The larger leaves in this image are from the Drymonia, the smaller leaves are from a nearby Aeschynanthus.  This species needs a lot of space.

D. conchocalyx is native to medium-high altitudes in Costa Rica and Panama, and requires moderate temperatures indoors.  There is quite a bit of variation in the species in calyx color and petiole length.  The calyx can be red, green, purple or white, and the petiole can be almost non-existent or up to 7 cm long. 

A photo of this species' display fruit can be seen here.



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