Streptocarpus is included in almost everyone's list of favorite gesneriad genera -- the hybrid lines are very well-developed, providing some of the best horticultural experiences available in the family.  However, the hybrids are not the only points of interest within Streptocarpus.   The very large number of species, and the bizarre forms those species sometimes take, are a source of continuing fascination for many, especially those with a sophisticated approach to their horticulture and botany.

Prof. Dirk Bellstedt of Stellenbosch, South Africa, has provided us with a large number of photographs of Streptocarpus, including many found growing in nature.   The list below provides a convenient way of quickly reviewing many of these images -- click on a name, and the image appears in the frame to the right.   Annotation for many of them can be found on their respective main pages, which can be reached by clicking on the picture.  Alternatively, navigate to the Streptocarpus genus page where thumbnail images of all of these species (and a great many hybrids) may be seen.


Streptocarpus baudertii
Streptocarpus baudertii (flowers)
Streptocarpus cyaneus ssp. polackii
Streptocarpus daviesii
Streptocarpus exsertus
Streptocarpus fanninae
Streptocarpus formosus colony
Streptocarpus formosus single plant in nature
Streptocarpus formosus pale color form
Streptocarpus formosus pale color form (closeup)
Streptocarpus formosus standard color form
Streptocarpus gardenii (black mark in throat)
Streptocarpus gardenii with Begonia sutherlandii
Streptocarpus haygarthii
Streptocarpus haygarthii flowers
Streptocarpus holstii
Streptocarpus johannis blue form
Streptocarpus kirkii
Streptocarpus molweniensis ssp. molweniensis
Streptocarpus pallidoflorus
Streptocarpus parviflorus var. parviflorus
Streptocarpus pentherianus on rock
Streptocarpus prolixus colony on rocky slope
Streptocarpus prolixus flowers in colony
Streptocarpus prolixus mauve color form
Streptocarpus pusillus
Streptocarpus rexii massed on slope
Streptocarpus rexii on forest floor
Streptocarpus rexii on rock near stream
Streptocarpus rexii white color form
Streptocarpus wendlandii


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