Drymonia is a very large genus of more than 100 species, which grow throughout much of tropical Central and South America. Although generally terrestrial, in that the plants are usually rooted in the ground, they tend to climb and vine through the forest trees. Some species are epiphytic.

Indoor cultivation is sometimes difficult with the Drymonias, as they can become large and ungainly. However, judicious pruning can result in attractive plants. The leaves are often large and decorative, and the flowers large, interesting and attractive. Colourful bracts are sometimes produced, which can be persistent and lend a continuing effect of bloom to a plant.

Most of the Drymonias bloom on old wood, so cutting back a plant will not interfere with blooming, and may result in the blooms becoming more visible than would otherwise have been the case.


Drymonia chiribogana


coccinea 1

Drymonia coccinea 2 (sp. nova umecta ined.)

Drymonia coccinea 3

Drymonia compostyla

Drymonia compostyla

Drymonia compostyla

Drymonia conchocalyx 'Diane Marie'

Drymonia conchocalyx display fruit

Drymonia coriaceae

Drymonia coriaceae (Smithsonian)

Drymonia cuyabonensis (possible)

Drymonia ecuadorensis 'Red Elegans'

Drymonia ecuadorensis (Smithsonian)

Drymonia killippi
669s.jpg (4030 bytes)
Drymonia killippi
772s.jpg (2853 bytes)
Drymonia killippi

Drymonia laciniosa

Drymonia macrophylla

Drymonia macrophylla (flower)

Drymonia pudica

Drymonia pulchra

Drymonia rhodoloma

Drymonia rhodoloma (detail)
697s.jpg (3003 bytes)
Drymonia rhodoloma (stem)

Drymonia semicordata plant and flower
1076s.jpg (2224 bytes)
Drymonia semicordata flower

Drymonia semocordata flower 2
1077s.jpg (4167 bytes)
Drymonia semicordata stems

Drymonia semicordata

Drymonia serrulata, pink flower

Drymonia serrulata yellow flower 2

761s.jpg (2723 bytes)
Drymonia serrulata  yellow flower
760s.jpg (2676 bytes)
Drymonia serrulata fruit

Drymonia species (Ecuador) stems and foliage

Drymonia species (Smithsonian)

Drymonia species

Drymonia species

Drymonia species (Ecuador)

Drymonia stenophylla
768s.jpg (1952 bytes)
Drymonia strigosus fruit

Drymonia strigosus

Drymonia strigosus flower 2

Drymonia strigosus stem

Drymonia sulphurea
759s.jpg (3624 bytes)
Drymonia turrialvae
758s.jpg (2975 bytes)
Drymonia turrialvae flowers

Drymonia unimerva

Drymonia variegata






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