Paradrymonia is a small genus of desirable decorative plants, although many grow too large to be easily accomodated indoors. The genus is closely related to Episcia, Drymonia and Nautilocalyx. It was originally established through transfer of some species of Episcia, although several other species have been added.

In general, Paradrymonia should be grown in a manner similar to other terrestrial gesneriads. A moisture-retentive, but not too heavy, medium is required, as are fairly warm temperatures and humidity as high as can be managed. Although Paradrymonia species can be quite rangy, a number of those illustrated here are grown for their unusual and striking flowers or flower/calyx combinations. Others, such as P. densa, are grown primarily for their attractive foliage.


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Paradrymonia binata

Paradrymonia binata (SI)

Paradrymonia campostyla

Paradrymonia ciliosa

Paradrymonia ciliosa (detail)

Paradrymonia ciliosa (side view)

Paradrymonia ciliosa flowers (smithsonian)

Paradrymonia costaricana

Paradrymonia densa

Paradrymonia densa GS07
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Paradrymonia fuquaiana plant
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Paradrymonia fuquaiana flower

Paradrymonia hypocyrta (flower cluster)

Paradrymonia hypocyrta (detail)

Paradrymonia hypocyrta

Paradrymonia lacera

Paradrymonia pedunculata

Paradrymonia rileyi

Paradrymonia rileyi flower