The species in the genus Seemannia were formerly placed in Gloxinia until a revision of the group in 2005.  The revision resulted in a number of other changes to the rhizomatous Gesneriads, in addition to the transfer of these species to Seemannia

Seemannia is comprised of four species with primarily red or reddish tubular flowers.  While similarities in appearance do not always indicate close relatedness, genetic analysis in this instance suggests that the morphological similarities do in fact reflect underlying relatedness.

Seemannia is primarily an Andean genus, distributed through Bolivia, northern Argentina and southern Peru.  S. sylvatica is known as far north as southern Ecuador.

The most widely grown of this group is S. sylvatica, which has also contributed to a number of hybrids.  This is a variable species, as can be seen from the photos below.

All members of Seemannia have rhizomatous storage structures at the root, and typically die back seasonally, usually in response to drought, before re-sprouting when more favorable weather arrives.  They are therefore easily propagated from rhizomes, and can also be easily propagated from tip cuttings.  Under some circumstances, these plants will produce long stringy/wiry aerial propagules, which can also be planted to produce additional plants.



Seemannia gymnostoma

Seemannia gymnostoma flowers
755s.jpg (3723 bytes)
Seemannia nematanthodes
754s.jpg (2679 bytes)
Seemannia purpurascens 1

Seemannia purpurascens 3
1055s.jpg (2687 bytes)
Seemannia purpurascens 2 (GRF)

Seemannia purpurascens plant

Seemannia purpurascens flowers

Seemannia sylvatica

Seemannia sylvatica flower

Seemannia sylvatica bed

Seemannia sylvatica with begonia

Seemannia sylvatica cultivar

Seemannia sylvatica (Wisley)

Seemannia sylvatica 'Golden Bell'


Seemannia 'Chic' (conservatory planting) 
870s.jpg (2844 bytes)
Seemannia 'Chic' flowers
869s.jpg (3009 bytes)
Seemannia 'Chic' (AGGS98)

Seemannia 'Pegasus'

xSeemakohleria 'Chloe'






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