Sinningia is one of the most widely grown and loved genera in the gesneriads. Cultivars range from the hugely flowered hybrids of S. speciosa, to the tiny S. pusilla, several whole plants of which could fit in a single bloom of a speciosa hybrid.

This is a large genus native to the rainforests of South America. It has been in cultivation for close to two centuries, with many hybrids produced over the years. The Florist Gloxinia (hybrids of S. speciosa) bear little resemblance to the original species and should be considered a "created" kind of plant. There are many other species and hybrids, however, which are at least as worthy of cultivation, and eminently deserving of the amateur grower's attentions.

Almost all of the Sinningias grow from tubers, storage organs that allow the plant to survive periods of drought, cold or other conditions inhospitable to growth. Under normal conditions, Sinningias will grow and flower, followed by a gradual decline in the plant culminating in full dormancy. After a period with no above-ground presence, the tuber will send up new growth and the cycle will repeat.

Some cultivars can be induced to remain in almost perpetual growth, with no period of full dormancy. Others may go dormant, and never "break dormancy", or begin new growth. But most plants will produce new and better growth after a period of dormant inactivity.

In general, Sinningias should be grown in a medium that retains moisture but allows good drainage. Perpetually wet soil may result in rotting of the tuber, while dry conditions will usually induce premature dormancy. Evenly moist conditions are desirable for most species and hybrids. Regular light fertilization (e.g. 20-20-20 water soluble fertilizer at the rate of 1/4 tsp. per gallon with every watering) is desirable, although some of the more robust cultivars will respond favorably to a more concentrated solution, and some of the smaller cultivars need very little feeding.

The Florist Gloxinia (hybrids of S. speciosa) requires bright conditions, and can be grown very well under bright fluorescent lights or in a greenhouse. Most of the other cultivars do well under lights, and many tolerate windowsill conditions if humidity can be kept up and bright light provided without too much direct sun. A few cultivars, such as S. 'Apricot Bouquet', tolerate outdoor culture in full sun or partial shade, and make excellent patio plants.


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Sinningia aghensis

Sinningia aghensis
728s.jpg (2419 bytes)
Sinningia aggregata

Sinningia aggregata (Wisley)

Sinningia aggregata 'Pendulina'




yellow (Smithsonian)

Sinningia allagophylla

Sinningia araneosa flowers

Sinningia araneosa AGGS04

Sinningia araneosa in nature

Sinningia araneosa AGGS02

Sinningia barbata (Kew)
727s.jpg (2945 bytes)
Sinningia brasiliensis

Sinningia bulbosa

Sinningia calcaria AGGS02

Sinningia calcaria (Smithsonian)

Sinningia canescens and Sinningia leucotricha

Sinningia canescens flowers

Sinningia cardinalis

Sinningia cardinalis compact form

Sinningia cardinalis 'Umbellata'

Sinningia cardinalis 'Redcoat'
792s.jpg (3142 bytes)
Sinningia cardinalis (pink)

Sinningia cardinalis 'George Kalmbacher'

Sinningia cardinalis 'George Kalmbacher' x S. cardinalis 'Innocent'

Sinningia cardinalis 'Innocent'

Sinningia cardinalis 'Innocent'

Sinningia cardinalis 'Innocent' flower cluster (Price)

Sinningia cardinalis 'Innocent' (Price)

Sinningia cardinalis  orange cultivar

Sinningia cardinalis (orange)

Sinningia cardinalis flowers (orange)

Sinningia cochlearis

892s.jpg (2875 bytes)
Sinningia concinna (AGGS98)

Sinningia concinna

Sinningia concinna closeup 1

Sinningia concinna closeup 2

Sinningia concinna whole plant

Sinningia conspicua (detail)
Sinningia conspicua

Sinningia conspicua 2
795s.jpg (4135 bytes)
Sinningia cooperi tuber
726s.jpg (2508 bytes)
Sinningia defoliata

Sinningia defoliata (Price and Shalit)

Sinningia douglasii plant
796s.jpg (4059 bytes)
Sinningia douglasii sprouting tuber

Sinningia douglasii flower

Sinningia douglasii flower

Sinningia elatior flower

Sinningia elatior
 725s.jpg (2801 bytes)
Sinningia eumorpha (white)

Sinningia eumorpha

Sinningia eumorpha (detail)

Sinningia eumorpha 'Pink Eumorpha'
717s.jpg (2180 bytes)
Sinningia eumorpha and S. concinna

Sinningia gertiana

Sinningia globulosa seed pods

Sinningia globulosa plant

Sinningia guttata flowers

Sinningia guttata flower closeup

Sinningia guttata plant

Sinningia guttata

Sinningia harleyi

Sinningia hatschbachii

Sinningia hirsuta

Sinningia hirsuta AGGS02

Sinningia iarae
723s.jpg (2905 bytes)
Sinningia iarae (with tuber)

Sinningia sp. 'Ibitioca' tuber

Sinningia sp. 'Ibitioca' in nature

Sinningia sp 'Ibitioca' flower

Sinningia sp. 'Ibitioca' plant
 722s.jpg (2568 bytes)
Sinningia incarnata

Sinningia incarnata (Smithsonian)

Sinningia leucotricha

Sinningia leucotricha (2)
1053s.jpg (2107 bytes)
Sinningia leucotricha (flower)
Sinningia leucotricha (foliage)

Sinningia leucotricha flowers (Smithsonian)

Sinningia leucotricha

Sinningia leucotricha (show plant)

Sinningia lindleyi
Sinningia lineata (Geneva Botanical Garden)

Sinningia lineata plants (Geneva Botanical Garden)

Sinningia lineata flowers (Geneva Botanical Garden)
803s.jpg (2526 bytes)
Sinningia lineata flowers side view
804s.jpg (2284 bytes)
Sinningia lineata flowers
802s.jpg (3537 bytes)
Sinningia lineata plant
813s.jpg (3677 bytes)
Sinningia macropoda plant

Sinningia macropoda
812s.jpg (3268 bytes)
Sinningia macropoda flowers

Sinningia macrostachya tuber
721s.jpg (3174 bytes)
Sinningia macrostachya
Sinningia magnifica
Sinningia micans inflorescence (Kew)

Sinningia micans flowers (Kew)

Sinningia micans tuber (Kew)

Sinningia nivalis AGGS02

Sinningia piresiana plant (probable)

Sinningia piresiana flowers  (probable)

Sinningia pusilla

Sinningia pusilla 'White Sprite'

Sinningia pusilla 'White Sprite' (detail)
871s.jpg (2834 bytes)
Sinningia pusilla (AGGS98)

Sinningia aff reitzii plant (Geneva Botanical Garden)

Sinningia aff reitzii (Geneva Botanical Garden)

Sinningia reitzii woody stems

Sinningia reitzii

Sinningia reitzii leaf

Sinningia reitzii flowers

Sinningia richii (Smithsonian)

Sinningia richii

Sinningia richii

Sinningia sp. "Rio das Pedras" flower

Sinningia sp. "Rio das Pedras"

Sinningia sp. "Rio das Pedras"
798s.jpg (3250 bytes)
Sinningia rupicola
814s.jpg (2162 bytes)
Sinningia rupicola flowers

Sinningia rupicola AGGS02

Sinningia sp. "Santa Teresa" in nature

Sinningia sp. "Santa Teresa" flowers

Sinningia sp. "Santa Teresa" seed pods

Sinningia sp. "Santa Teresa" tuber and leaves
  718s.jpg (3285 bytes)
Sinningia sceptrum  and warmingii flowers

Sinningia sellovii flowers (AGGS 04)

Sinningia sellovii and hummingbird
709S.jpg (1810 bytes)
Sinningia sellovii
791s.jpg (2609 bytes)
Sinningia sellovii (Smithsonian)

Sinningia sellovii AGGS02

Sinningia sellovii AGGS02

Sinningia sellovii (Smithsonian 2)

Sinningia sellovii flowers (Toronto 04)

Sinningia sellovii plant (AGGS 04)
1149s.jpg (4093 bytes)
Sinningia schiffneri (dark)

Sinningia schiffneri (green leaf)
1148s.jpg (2820 bytes)
Sinningia schiffneri flowers

Sinningia speciosa 'Carangola' flowers

Sinningia speciosa 'Carangola' plant

Sinningia speciosa 'Carangola' flowers

Sinningia speciosa 'Carangola' in nature

Sinningia speciosa 'Carangola' flower in cultivation

Sinningia speciosa 'Lavender Queen' 2

Sinningia speciosa 'Lavender Queen?'

Sinningia speciosa 'Regina'

720s.jpg (3159 bytes)
Sinningia speciosa (wild collection)

Sinningia speciosa  'Lavender Queen'

719s.jpg (2539 bytes)
Sinningia tuberosa

Sinningia tubiflora AGGS02

Sinningia tubiflora Best In Show

Sinningia tubiflora new sprouts (Kew)

Sinningia warmingii

Sinningia valsuganensis

Sinningia warmingii

Sinningia warmingii flower cluster

Sinningia waechteri

Sinningia sp. 'waechteri'

Sinningia sp. 'waechteri'

Sinningias in gesneriad bed at Kew


Sinningia 'Allan Gardens'

Sinningia 'Amizade' flowers
1113s.jpg (2853 bytes)
Sinningia 'Amizade' plant

Sinningia 'Apricot Bouquet' (detail)

Sinningia 'Apricot Bouquet'

Sinningia 'Apricot Bouquet' GS07

Sinningia 'April Snow'

Sinningia 'Bewitched'

Sinningia 'Bright Eyes'

Sinningia 'Bright Eyes'

900s.jpg (3105 bytes)
Sinningia 'Carnaval'

Sinningia 'Charm'

Sinningia 'China Teacup'

Sinningia 'Country Pink'

Sinningia 'Dollbaby'

Sinningia 'Double Blue'
1109s.jpg (3214 bytes)
Sinningia 'Flair'

Sinningia 'Freckles'

Sinningia 'Gabriel's Horn' Toronto 04

Sinningia 'Gabriel's Horn'
694s.jpg (4655 bytes)
Sinningia 'Gold Peg'
1138s.jpg (3900 bytes)
Sinningia hybrid ('Bewitched' x iarae)
800s.jpg (2679 bytes)
Sinningia hybrid (braziliensis x aggregata)
801s.jpg (2935 bytes)
Sinningia hybrid (braziliensis x aggregata) flowers
1115s.jpg (3177 bytes)
Sinningia hybrid ('Flair' x 'Super Orange' pink)
1114s.jpg (3093 bytes)
Sinningia hybrid ('Flair' x 'Super Orange' purple)
860s.jpg (2043 bytes)
Sinningia hybrid (glazioviana x eumorpha) AGGS98
908s.jpg (3585 bytes)
Sinningia hybrid (glazioviana x eumorpha) AGGS98
1052s.jpg (2728 bytes)
Sinningia hybrid (leucotricha x 'Good Pink')

Sinningia hybrid (lineata x iarae)
815s.jpg (2437 bytes)
Sinningia hybrid (macrorrhiza x 'Redcoat') flower
816s.jpg (4692 bytes)
Sinningia hybrid (macrorrhiza x 'Redcoat') plant
707s.jpg (3381 bytes)
Sinningia hybrid (from 'Redcoat')
710s.jpg (2906 bytes)
Sinningia hybrid (double, from 'Redcoat')
809s.jpg (2536 bytes)
Sinningia hybrid (SI, from 'Redcoat') flower
810s.jpg (3377 bytes)
Sinningia hybrid (SI, from 'Redcoat') flower cluster
811s.jpg (3973 bytes)
Sinningia hybrid (SI, from 'Redcoat') plant
708S.jpg (2570 bytes)
Sinningia hybrid  (striata x eumorpha)
1112s.jpg (3392 bytes)
Sinningia hybrid ('Super Orange' x 'Tampa Bay Beauty'
888s.jpg (3037 bytes)
Sinningia 'Kaleidoscope'

Sinningia 'Lavender Lace'

Sinningia 'Leo'

Sinningia 'Little Tiger'

Sinningia 'Little Tiger' (detail)

Sinningia 'Little Tiger', 'Bright Eyes' and 'Ruffled Wood Nymph'

Sinningia 'Love Potion'

Sinningia 'Miriam G'

Sinningia 'Neon Rose'

Sinningia 'Orange Raindrops'

Sinningia 'Ozark Sentimental Journey'
Sinningia 'Pale Beauty'
1102s.jpg (3089 bytes)
Sinningia 'Paper Moon'

Sinningia 'Pink Panther'

Sinningia 'Pop Tart'

Sinningia 'Razzmatazz'

Sinningia 'Razzmatazz' flower

Sinningia 'Red Canyon'

Sinningia 'Ruffled Wood Nymph'

Sinningia speciosa 'Aurora Borealis'

1070s.jpg (2710 bytes)
Sinningia speciosa 'Diego'

Sinningia speciosa 'Double Brocade'

Sinningia speciosa double hybrid

Sinningia speciosa hybrid

Sinningia speciosa Lawn hybrids

Sinningia speciosa 'Lela'
893s.jpg (3546 bytes)
Sinningia speciosa 'Merry Christmas' (AGGS98)

Sinningia speciosa 'Paschia'
1121s.jpg (3899 bytes)
Sinningia speciosa 'Touch of Spice'

Sinningia 'Super Orange'

Sinningia 'Tiger Chips'

Sinningia 'Tinkerbells'

Sinningia 'Tinkerbells'

Sinningia 'Tomorrow'

Sinningia 'Tomorrow' flower face
876s.jpg (2313 bytes)
Sinningia 'Treva's Treasure' flowers

877s.jpg (2406 bytes)
Sinningia 'Treva's Treasure'

Sinningia 'Wood Nymph'

Sinningia 'Zel






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