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One of the objectives of the Gesneriad Reference Web is to publish useful reference articles on gesneriad topics of continuing interest. The articles will serve as reference material for those seeking information on the botany and horticulture of the plants illustrated here.

When articles are published they will be illustrated with special versions of the images on the site. Most of the articles will be provided by authorities in the field, and have been commisioned specifically for publication here. Copyright is retained by the author, unless otherwise indicated in the article itself, and the articles may be published elsewhere.

The articles provide immediate illustration (by clicking on a cultivar name, for instance) in a frame adjacent to the article text. For those who are not using a frames-capable browser, plain text versions of the articles are also available.

"Tours" will also be posted periodically. While without the extensive information which characterizes the articles on the site, they are similar in that clicking on the text will result in the display of an image in the accompanying frame. They provide a convenient way of quickly viewing a series of images on a particular topic, and to compare cultivars.


Articles and Tours Currently Available

Aeschynanthus by Mary Mendum.   Click here for plain text without frames.

Chirita: A Taxonomic Review by John Boggan. Click here for plain text without frames.

Dirk Bellstedt's Streptocarpus Photograph Tour.   Click here for plain text without frames.

Episcia Tour. Click here for plain text, without frames.

Fragrant Gesneriads by John Boggan.  Click here for plain text without frames.

Saintpaulia: Taxonomy, Ecology and Distribution by Jeff Smith. Click here for plain text, without frames.


Articles Commissioned for Future Publication

"Hardy" (Alpine) Gesneriads by Darrell Trout

Microminiature Sinningias by Ron Myhr


Articles "on the Horizon"

Taxonomic Issues in the Columnea Alliance

Sinningia: Taxonomy and Natural History

Streptocarpus: Taxonomy and Natural History

Kohleria:  Taxonomy and Natural History




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