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Kohleria bogotensis x K. warszewiczii

Photo by Dave Jarvis
Grown by Dave Jarvis

This cross was produced by John Boggan of the Smithsonian Institution, who supplied the seed to Mr. Jarvis.  The results were somewhat variable -- a closeup photo of a different-looking seedling from the same cross may be seen by clicking here.  The results of the cross are discussed by Mr. Jarvis in an article in the first 1998 issue of CrossWords, the newsletter of the Gesneriad Hybridizers' Association.

A recent revision of Kohleria by Kvist and Skog placed this species with Kohleria amabalis, as a variety, i.e. K. amabalis var. bogotensis. Not everyone agrees, and general practice seems to be to continue to refer to bogotensis as a separate species.



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