Nematanthus albus

Photo by Ruth Zavitz
Grown by Ruth Zavitz

Nematanthus albus was distributed for a number of years under the name Nematanthus 'Santa Teresa'. Alain Chautems reports that it is a very atypical Nematanthus, presumably a function of an atypical pollination syndrome -- its large flowers are adapted to visits by Euglossine bees. Other views of this species may be seen by clicking here and here.

Support for its inclusion in Nematanthus include its chromosome count (n=8), fruit morphology (a typical display capsule), distribution in the coastal rain forest of Brazil where many other Nematanthus are found, and the fact that it has been hybridized (by Mauro Peixoto) with several other Nematanthus species.

Ruth Zavitz reports that the plant seems to bloom  best when it is very rootbound, a characteristic it shares with other members of the genus. 



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