Rhynchoglossum notonianum

Photo by Ron Myhr
Grown at Palm Hammock Nursery

A photo of a full bed of this striking species can be seen here.  Note the interesting asymmetrical (almost begonia-like) leaves.

The genus Rhynchoglossum is particularly interesting for its unusual geographical distribution.  The genus is a member of the Epithematoid group of gesneriads, almost all species of which are distributed solely in Asia.  However, one species of this genus (R. azureum) is found in Central America and northern South America.  As R. azureum is found primarily near areas of significant pre-colonial human populations, there has been some suggestion that its presence may indicate cross-Pacific migration by humans.  But it is equally likely that the original population was a result of wind distribution of seeds, or of plant survival on floating "rafts" of storm debris.



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