Sinningia leucotricha

S. leucotricha has velvety silver leaves and a thick hairy stalk, along with apricot-coloured flowers. Although very attractive when young, it does not usually age gracefully. The initial growths from a tuber breaking dormancy are a connoisseur's delight, but the mature leaves are often coarse and unsightly, having lost their downy, silvery appearance. Younger plants, like the one above, typically produce relatively few flowers, but older plants can bloom quite spectacularly (click here to see such a plant).

This species was formerly known as S. canescens, but it has been determined that another species is more properly identified by that name. S. leucotricha is the name under which this species was first generally distributed, and it has now taken it back.

It is possible to grow this species as a foliage plant with a kind of eccentric attractiveness. See this alternate growing style on another page.



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