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February 29, 2008


Antique Prints

Sinningia guttata
Sinningia velutina

January 31, 2008

An article on Columnea by Jim Smith was posted on this date, in the new article format.  It joins the article Gesneriaceae:  A Scientific Perspective by Anton Weber.  Others will follow.

A number of new images, mainly of Columnea, were posted, along with a few new antique botanical prints.  All are listed below.

Columnea angustata
Columnea angustata limb and pollen
Columnea atahualpae
Columnea byrsina
Columnea colombiana
Columnea colombina flower
Columnea dielsii flower
Columnea dielsii display fruit close-up
Columnea dielsii display fruit
Columnea sp. aff. lophophora
Columnea nicaraguensis
Columnea oblongifolia
Columnea orientandina flowers, leaves and stems
Columnea orientandina limb and pollen
Columnea parviflora
Columnea spathulata in nature
Columnea sp. corolla on the forest floor
Columnea strigosa flower
Columnea strigosa close-up
Columnea strigosa dangling flowers
Columnea trollii flower
Columnea trollii fruit
Gloxinia 'Dragonsong'
Nematanthus tessmannii flowers
Nematanthus tessmannii
Sinningia sp. "Santa Teresa" in nature
Sinningia sp. "Santa Teresa" flowers
Sinningia sp. "Santa Teresa" seed pods
Sinningia sp. "Santa Teresa" tuber and leaves

Several new antique prints were scanned and posted:

Aeschynanthuys cordifolius
Columnea scandens
Didymocarpus prumulaefolia
Gesneria purpurea
Gesneria prasinata



December 29, 2007

A number of new photos were added, as listed below.  Many of these are of show plants from Gesneriad Society conventions in 2006 and 2007, along with significant photos of new introductions. 

In addition, the "Alphabetical Listing" page is no longer being updated.  This feature has lost its utility over time, given the number of photos posted to the site.  Specific plants can be found by going to thumbnails on the genus page or using the search page function.  All new additions will be listed here as well, if a search by date is appropriate.

Achimenes 'Ambroise Verschaffelt' (Wisley)
Amalophyllon sp. RM2006 in Belize
Amalophyllon sp. RM2006 flowers
Amalophyllon sp. RM2006 leaf variants
Amalophyllon sp. RM2006 tray
Calcareoboea coccinea flowers GS07
Calcareoboea coccinea plant GS07
Chirita 'Deco'
Cobananthus calochlamys GS07
Codonanthe elegans plant GS07
Codonanthe elegans flower GS07
Diastema vexans and Diastema racemiferum flowers
Diastema vexans plant portrait
Gasteranthus atratus GS06
Gasteranthus atratus display fruit GS06
Gesneria rupincola
Gloxinia erinoides 'Polo Polo'
xGloxistema 'First Frost'
Haberlea rhodopensis show plant flowers
Haberlea rhodopensis show plant
Hemiboea strigosa plant
Hemiboea strigosa flowers
Kohleria hirsuta GS07 (USBRG-96-163)
Kohleria 'Peridots Kitlope' GS07
Kohleria peruviana GS07
Lysionotus pauciflorus Wisley Gardens
Nautilocalyx forgettii GS06
Nautilocalyx melittifolius GS07
Nautilocalyx species (GS07)
Nematantus sp nov Esperance (Chautems)
Nematanthus corticola GS06
Paradrymonia densa GS07
Pearcea reticulata plant
Pearcea reticulata flowers
Petrocosmea minor GS07
Petrocosmea rosettifolia GS06
Petrocosmea rosettifolia in flower GS06
Phinaea multiflora GS07
Phinea sp. USBRG 96-336 GS07
Saintpaulia orbicularis var purpurea GS07
Saintpaulia velutina GS06
Sinningia 'Apricot Bouquet' GS07
Sinningia 'Bewitched'
Sinningia cardinalis (orange)
Sinningia cardinalis flowers (orange)
Sinningia defoliata (Price and Shalit)
Sinningia 'Ozark Sentimental Journey'
Sinningia sp. "Rio das Pedras"
Streptocarpus 'Crystal Ice' (Wisley Gardens)
Streptocarpus johannis (large flower)
Streptocarpus montigena x rexii (natural hybrid)
Streptocarpus montigena x rexii (natural hybrid)
Streptocarpus pole-evansii plant GS06
Streptocarpus pole-evansii flowers GS06
Streptocarpus sp nov 6 (J. Truter)
Streptocarpus sp nov 6 flowers (J. Truter)
Streptocarpus unifoliate species (Wisley)
Streptocarpus wilmsii in nature


September to November, 2007

A number of changes were made to bring the genus structure in the GRW into conformity with recent publications, which realigned a number of genera.  In particular, the genus Gloxinia has been split, and affinities between "former" Gloxinias and other genera reported.  In addition to a revised Gloxinia, new genus pages for "Diastema, Phinaea and Amalophyllon", "Gloxinella, Gloxiniopsis and Monopyle" and "Seemannia" have been created. 
A number of new photos of species and natural hybrids have been posted in Streptocarpus and Pearcea, and minor revisions made elsewhere.  Several new scans of botanical prints were also added.


January to June, 2007

Boea hygroscopica in dry and wet seasons
Columnea parviflora
Columnea polyantha with hummingbird
Columnea purpurata
Seemannia gymnostoma flowers
Gloxinia perennis with euglossine bees
Gloxinia perennis with Euglossine bee
Henckelia browniana
Monophyllaea horsfieldii
Monophyllaea singularis
Paliavana prasinata shrub
Paliavana prasinata and bat
Sanango racemosa
Solenophora calycosa in nature
Solenophora calycosa flowers


November 3, 2006

A large number of new scans of antique botanical prints were posted, as detailed below.

Achimenes (Naegelia) amabalis

Achimenes hirsuta

Achimenes longiflora var. Alba

Aeschynanthus boschianus

Aeschynanthus longiflorus

Aeschynanthus miniatus

Alloplectus zamorensis

Besleria meilittifolia

Capania grandiflora

Capanea grandiflora

Columnea splendens

Cyrilla pulchella (dark flowers)

Cyrilla pulchella (red flowers)

Gesnera marchii

Gesneria douglasii

Gesneria elongata

Gesneria lindleyi

Gesneria oblongata

Gloxinia speciosa

Gloxinia speciosa

Gloxinia speciosa var. macrophylla

Gloxinia speciosa var Menziesii

Gloxinia speciosa varieties

Gloxinia tubiflora

Hypocyrta brevicalyx

Moussonia elegans

Naegelia Sceptre Cerise

Nematanthus ionema

Niphaea albo-lineata

Niphaea albo-lineata

Niphaea argyroneura

Niphaea argyroneura

Streptocarpus dunnii

Streptocarpus from seed

Streptocarpus grandis

Streptocarpus meyerii

Streptocarpus rexii

Streptocarpus reynoldsii

Streptocarpus saundersi

Streptocarpus vandeleurii

Trevirania candida

Trichantha minor


March 15, 2006

In the period leading up to this date various minor modifications were made to the site, including adjustments and fixes to individual pages.  In addition, a substantial number of antique prints were added, and many others re-scanned to a higher standard and larger size.  More than 160 new photographs of gesneriads were added, as detailed below, bringing the total on the GRW to almost 2200.  To view each of the new images in turn, click the name, and then use the back button to return to this page.

Achimenes erecta 'Tiny Red'
Aeschynanthus batakorium flower close-up (RBGE)
Aeschynanthus buxifolius (RBGE)
Aeschynanthus chiritoides plant
Aeschynanthus hildebrandii (RBGE)
Aeschynanthus humilis and Aeschynanthus hildebrandii flowers (RBGE)
Aeschynanthus musaensis (RBGE)
Aeschynanthus aff. oxychlamys (RBGE)
Aeschynanthus aff. parviflorus in nature
Aeschynanthus species (RBGE)
Aeschynanthus species RBGE 19991927
Aeschynanthus tricolor (pink calyx) RBGE
Aeschynanthus tricolor (red calyx) RBGE
Aeschynanthus tricolor trailer (pink calyx) RBGE
Aeschynanthus 'Coral Flame'
Agalmyla species 119 (RBGE) flower closeup
Agalmyla species 119 (RBGE)
Agalmyla species from Java (RBGE)
Asteranthera ovata
Asteranthera ovata flowers
Besleria citrinus flowers (RBGE)
Besleria citrinus (RBGE)
Besleria labiosa flowers (RBGE)
Besleria labiosa plant (RBGE)
Chirita bogneriana (RBGE)
Chirita dielsii flower 2
Chirita dielsii plant (RBGE)
Chirita liboensis
Chirita liboensis flowers
Chirita liboensis (Toronto show 2006)
Chirita liboensis flowers (Toronto show 2006)
Chirita longgangensis flower
Chirita sinensis flowers
Chirita species plant (RBGE 20022513)
Chirita species leaf (RBGE 20022513)
Chirita species (Phuket)
Chirita subrhomboidea and C. fimbrisepala
Chirita hybrid (sclerophylla x linearifolia)
Chirita hybrid flowers (sclerophylla x linearifolia)
Columnea ambigua (Geneva Botanical Garden)
Columnea ciliata (Stewart)
Columnea cruenta (Stewart)
Columnea glicensteinii (Stewart)
Columnea inaequilatera
Columnea minor (window plant)
Columnea 'Early Bird' portrait
Columnea 'Maryjane Evans' portrait
Columnea 'Orange Sherbet'
Corytoplectus cutucuensis display fruit
Cyrtandra clarkei
Cyrtandra serratifolia flowers (RBGE)
Didissandra species (RBGE)
Didissandra species side view (RBGE)
Drymonia pudica
Drymonia pulchra
Drymonia semicordata bracts
Episcia 'Pink Heaven'
Epithemia benthamii (RBGE)
Epithemia benthamii plant (RBGE)
Epithemia saxatile (Geneva Botanical Garden)
Epithemia species (RBGE)
Gesneria rupincola
Gesneria rupincola flowers
Gesneria ventricosa (Kew)
Gesneria pedicellaris x G. pedunculosa
Gesneria pedicellaris x G. pedunculosa flowers (RBGE)
Gloxinia lindeniana flower
Gloxinia lindeniana bed (Wisley)
Gloxinia perennis 2 (RBGE)
Gloxinia perennis plant
Gloxinia perennis flowers
Gloxinia purpurascens plant
Gloxinia purpurascens flowers
Gloxinia sylvatica (Wisley)
Haberlea rhodopensis in bud (Wisley)
Hemiboea cavalorei (RBGE)
Hemiboea subcapitata plant
Hemiboea subcapitata flowers
Henckelia crinita RBGE
Henckelia incana foliage
Henckelia incana flowers
Henckelia puncticulata (Malaysia)
Henckelia species (RBGE)
Kohleria 'Carnival'
Kohleria 'Peridots Kitlope'
Kohleria 'Peridots Kitlope' flowers
Kohleria 'Snakeskin'
Kohleria 'Sunshine' flowers
Kohleria 'Sunshine'
Monophyllaea species (RBGE)
Moussonia elegans flower side view
Moussonia elegans
Nautilocalyx glandulifer flower
Nematanthus brasiliensis flower side
Nematanthus brasiliensis flowering stem
Nematanthus brasiliensis face and throat
Neomortonia nummularia plant
Neomortonia rosea (Ecuador)
Neomortonia rosea (flowers)
Oreocharis auricula (RBGE)
Paraboea bettiana (Vienna Botanical Garden)
Pearcea hypocyrtiflora leaf
Petrocosmea forrestii flower
Petrocosmea forrestii
Petrocosmea parryorum plant
Petrocosmea rosettifolia foliage
Petrocosmea sericea (Toronto 2006)
Ramonda myconi on wall (Geneva Botanic Garden)
Ramonda myconi white form (Geneva Botanic Garden)
Ramonda serbica (Greece)
Ramonda serbica (rocky slope, Greece)
Rhynchoglossum species (RBGE)
Rhynchoglossum species planting (RBGE)
Rhynchotechum discolor (RBGE)
Sinningia aggregata (Wisley)
Sinningia cardinalis 'Innocent' (Price)
Sinningia cardinalis 'Innocent' flower cluster (Price)
Sinningia cardinalis compact form
Sinningia canescens flowers
Sinningia canescens and Sinningia leucotricha
Sinningia globulosa plant
Sinningia globulosa seed pods
Sinningia guttata plant
Sinningia guttata flowers
Sinningia guttata flower closeup
Sinningia leucotricha (show plant)

Sinningia lineata with tuber (Geneva Botanical Garden)
Sinningia lineata flowers (Geneva Botanical Garden)
Sinningia lineata plants (Geneva Botanical Garden)
Sinningia piresiana flowers  (probable)
Sinningia piresiana plant (probable)
Sinningia sp. "Rio das Pedras"
Sinningia sp. "Rio das Pedras" flower
Sinningia aff reitzii (Geneva Botanical Garden)
Sinningia aff reitzii plant (Geneva Botanical Garden)
Sinningia speciosa 'Carangola' plant
Sinningia speciosa 'Carangola' flowers
Sinningia 'Bright Eyes'
Sinningia 'Tomorrow'
Sinningia 'Tomorrow' flower face
Smithiantha multiflora (windowsill)
Streptocarpus cyanandrus (Toronto 2006)
Streptocarpus holstii flowers
Streptocarpus inflatus flowers
Streptocarpus inflatus plant
Streptocarpus kentaniensis flower close-up
Streptocarpus montigena (RBGE)
Streptocarpus montigena flower  (RBGE)
Streptocarpus pallidiflorus  flowers (Bellstedt)
Streptocarpus species (Swaziland)
Streptocarpus species flowers (Swaziland)
Streptocarpus stomandrus
Streptocarpus thysanotus plant
Streptocarpus thysanotus flowers
Streptocarpus wendlandii (Wisley)
Streptocarpus 'Essue' portrait
Streptocarpus 'Rose Scentsation' (provisional) (Rose - 'Texas Hot Chili' x vandeleurii)
Titanotrichum oldhamii (RBGE)
Titanotrichum oldhamii flowers (RBGE)
Vanhouttea lanata flower (Price)
Vanhouttea lanata flower profile (Price)


March 16, 2005

Several new scans of antique botanical prints were added to the site.  Corrections and editing were done on a number of pages.  For example, the species widely distributed as Aeschynanthus hildebrandii, and identified as such on the GRW, is now understood as being the true A. humilis.  References on the site have been changed to reflect this new understanding.

Aeschynanthus hildebrandii, Curtis 1894
Centrosolenia glabrata, Curtis 1850
Centrosolenia picta, Van Houtte 1845
Chirita hamosa, Revue Horticole 1896
Pentarhaphia longiflora, Curtis, 1894

In addition, a number of new images were added.  Most of these are from the research greenhouses of the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh, and are very interesting.  Included are two of the Saintpaulia-like Streptocarpus from Madagascar, a WHITE Aeschynanthus and several unusual or newly collected species.

Aeschynanthus acuminatus (RBGE)
Aeschynanthus angustifolius (RBGE)
Aeschynanthus andersonii (RBGE 1998-273)
Aeschynanthus arfakensis (RBGE)
Aeschynanthus asclepoides (Indonesia) (RBGE)
Aeschynanthus batakiorium (RBGE)
Aeschynanthus chiritoides (RBGE)
Aeschynanthus fruiticosus (RBGE)
Aeschynanthus hildebrandii (RBGE)
Aeschynanthus longiflorus (RBGE)s
Aeschynanthus obconicus (RBGE)
Aeschynanthus pullei (RBGE)
Aeschynanthus rhododendron (RBGE)
Aeschynanthus sp. nov. (North Sulawesi) (RBGE)
Aeschynanthus species RBGE 19881457 (Indonesia) (RBGE)
Aeschynanthus vinaceus (RBGE)
Cyrtandra serratifolia (RBGE)
Epithemia sp. (North Sulawesi)
Hemiboea species (Vietnam) (RBGE)
Loxostigma griffithii (RBGE)
Streptocarpus andohahelensis (RBGE)
Streptocarpus beampingaratrensis var. beampingaratrensis (RBGE)
Streptocarpus kirkii  flowers (Wisley)
Streptocarpus kirkii planting (Wisley)
Streptpcaris meyerii flowers (RBGE)
Streptocarpus papangae (RBGE)
Streptocarpus papangae (stem) (RBGE)


January 3, 2005

About 50 new scans of antique botanical prints were added, and some of the older scans were redone.  The publication date of the prints on the site range from from about 1807 to the 1890s.  In many cases, the publications were the first for the species illustrated, and form an important part of the gesneriad section of botanical history.  While the age of the prints has led to a significant degree of deterioration in some instances, most are in very good condition -- all are beautiful.

The earlier prints (prior to the mid-1850s) were mostly individually hand coloured, allowing considerable artistic license to the colourists.

The Antique Gesneriad Prints page has more information on each print, including the publisher/editor and the likely modern name of the depicted plant.  Each print page has some additional information, including links to other prints depicting the same species, and, in some cases, links to photographs of the species depicted.

Achimenes amabilis
Achimenes 'Ambroise Verschaffelt'
Achimenes 'Edouard Otto', 'Dr. Kopf and 'Edmond Boissie'
Achimenes cupreata
Achimenes ocellata (Curtis)
Achimenes ocellata (Van Houtte)
Aeschynanthus javanicus

Aeschynanthus splendidus (Floricultural Cabinet)
Aeschynanthus splendidus (unknown publication)
Aeschynanthus tricolor

Alloplectus capitatus
Besleria pulchella (Curtis, 2 prints)
Besleria pulchella (Loddiges)
Chirita lilacina

Chirita sinensis (Edwards)
Chirita sinensis (Paxton)
Chirita zeylanica (Curtis)
Chirita zeylanica (Van Houtte/Lemaire)
Columnea aureo-nitens

Columnea scandens (Loddiges)
Columnea scandens (Van Geel)
Dircaea bulbosa var. lateritia subv. alba

Drymonia turialvae
Episcia chontalensis
Episcia tessellata
Gesnera bulbosa
Gesnera herbertii/Gesnera gerardiana
Gesneria aggregata (2 plates)
Gesneria cooperi
Gesneria elliptica var. lutea
Gesneria grandis
Gesneria leopoldii
Gesneria pardina
Gesneria stricta
Gesneria verticillata
Gloxinia caulescens
Gloxinia maxima
Gloxinia pallidiflora
Hypocyrta leucostoma (Curtis)
Hypocyrta leucostoma (Van Houtte)
Mandirola Naegelia Roezli

Naegelia amabilis
Niphaea albo-lineata
Niphaea argyroneura
"Pink Gesneriad"
Sciadocalyx digitaliflora
Sinningia youngeana
Streptocarpus polyanthus (2 prints)


September 15, 2004

More than 150 new images were posted with this date (actual posting date varied over the course of several months, but this date defines the current batch of postings).  Principal contributors were Leslie Brothers of the Smithsonian Institution, Bob Stewart and Ron Myhr.  Other contributors were Leong Tuck Lock, Keith Rogers, Tsuh Yang Chen, Robert Hall, Cynthia Chancy, Ruth Coulson, Alan Lavergne, John Boggan, Peter Shalit, Ray Drew, Bill Price and Nancy Gilson.

When the GRW was begun I had a number of genera with only one to three species.  Rather than create individual genus pages, all of these genera were lumped under "Sundries and Oddities".  As numbers of photos increased in these genera, they've been promoted to their own genus pages.  On this occasion, four new genus pages were created, for Besleria, Gasteranthus, Paliavana and Pearcea.

Over time, my practice with respect to font size and type, as well as general lay-out, has evolved.  Whenever a new photo was linked to another previous page (e.g. because it was another photo of a previously posted cultivar) the linked pages were brought up-to-date.

xAchimenantha 'Inferno'
xAchimenantha 'Inferno" flower
Achimenes antirrhina plant
Achimenes antirrhina flower
Achimenes cettoana flower
Achimenes dulcis (basket)
Achimenes erecta 'Tiny Red' (Smithsonian)
Achimenes flava
Achimenes heterophylla
Achimenes longiflora
Achimenes longiflora 'Chiapas'
Achimenes longiflora 'Chiapas' basket
Achimenes longiflora 'Juaregia' plant
Achimenes longiflora 'Juaregia' flower
Achimenes longiflora var alba
Achimenes longiflora var alba (Haage)
Achimenes patens corner view
Achimenes patens 'Major'
Achimenes pedunculata (Smithsonian 2
Achimenes 'Camille Brozzoni'
Aeschynanthus horsfieldii
Aeschynanthus longicaulis flower closeup
Aeschynanthus obconicus flowers (Malaysia)
Aeschynanthus obconicus on boulder (Malaysia
Aeschynanthus radicans flower closeup
Aeschynanthus sp. USBRG 94-605
Alsobia punctata Smithsonian
Besleria longimucronata
Calcareoboea coccinea
Chirita balansae
Chirita balansae flower
Chirita balansae flower clusters (show plant)
Chirita flavimaculata (detail)
Chirita sclerophylla foliage 
Chirita sinensis 'Angustifolia'
Chirita sinensis 'Hisako'
Chirita sinensis 'Latifolia Dwarf'
Chirita spadiciformis (Smithsonian)
Chirita subrhomboidea windowsill plant
Chirita subrhomboidea flower cluster
Chirita 'Betty'
Chirita 'Cynthia'
Chirita 'Diane Marie'
Chirita 'Kazu' show plant
Chirita 'Moonlight' foliage'
Chirita 'Nimbus'
xCodonatanthus 'Aurora'
xCodonatanthus 'Barsoom'
xCodonatanthus 'Barsoom' flowers
Columnea angustifolia
Columnea arguta flower closeup
Columnea minor (hairs and bright calyx)
Columnea orientandina (AGGS 2004)
Columnea spathulata (orange flower, mottled leaf)
Columnea spathulata (yellow flower, mottled leaf)
Columnea 'Midget' AGGS 2004
Diastema comiferum (closeup)
Diastema vexans Smithsonian
Drymonia semicordata plant and flower
Drymonia serrulata yellow flower 2
Drymonia strigosus flower 2
Drymonia variegata
Episcia 'Alyce's Aussie'
Episcia 'Black Star'
Episcia 'Chocolate Cream
Episcia 'Spearmint'
Episcia 'Suomi' AGGS 04
Episcia 'War Paint'
Eucodonia andrieuxii (Smithsonian) 2
Eucodonia andrieuxii 'Tinctocama'
Eucodonia 'Naomi' flower
Gasteranthus acropodus
Gasteranthus acropodus plant
Gesneria acaulis
Gesneria cuneifolia 'Quebradillas' in bowl
Gesneria pedunculosa
Gesneria ventricosa
Gesneria ventricosa flowers
Gloxinia purpurascens 3
Gloxinia racemosa 3
Jankaea heldreichii
Kohleria allenii
Kohleria allenii flowers and buds
Kohleria hirsuta (USBRG 96-163)
Kohleria warszewiczii
Kohleria 'Ampallang' flowers
Kohleria 'Green Goblin'
Kohleria 'Kapo'
Kohleria 'Kapo' plant
Kohleria 'Peridots Kitlope'
Kohleria 'Strawberry Fields' flowers
Kohleria 'Silver Feather'
Nautilocalyx forgettii leaf closeup
Nautilocalyx glandulifer 2
Nautilocalyx porphyrotrichus 3
Nautilocalyx sp. USBRG 93-069
Nautilocalyx sp. flower USBRG 93-069
Nematanthus corticola 2
Nematanthus fritschii
Nematanthus monanthos
Nematanthus species USBRG 94-311
Nematanthus villosus AGGS 04
Nematanthus 'Hawaiian Jade' flowers/foliage
Paliavana plumeroides
Paliavana plumeroides leaves
Paradrymonia rileyi
Paradrymonia rileyi flower
Pearcea sp. USBRG 94-032
Petrocosmea begoniifolia (AGGS04)
Petrocosmea collection (AGGS 04)
Petrocosmea species G25KC00 (rosettifolia)
Petrocosmea sericea (AGGS 04)
Petrocosmea 'Momo' AGGS 04
Phinea sp. USBRG 96-336
xRamberlea 'Inchgarth'
Raphiocarpus annamensis
Ridleyandra species on rock (foliage)
Ridleyandra species with flower
Ridleyandra species (plant)
Saintpaulia species (Mather Clone)
Sinningia aghensis
Sinningia aghensis flowers
Sinningia araneosa AGGS04
Sinningia cardinalis 'Innocent' 2
Sinningia douglasii plant
Sinningia douglasii flower
Sinningia gertiana
Sinningia hatschbachii
Sinningia sp. 'Ibitioca' in nature
Sinningia sp. 'Ibitioca' cultivated plant
Sinningia sp 'Ibitioca' flower
Sinningia leucotricha
Sinningia macropoda
Sinningia magnifica
Sinningia sellovii flowers (Toronto 04)
Sinningia sellovii plant (AGGS 04)
Sinningia sellovii flowers (AGGS 04)
Sinningia sellovii and hummingbird
Sinningia speciosa 'Carangola' flower in cultivation
Sinningia speciosa 'Carangola' flowers
Sinningia speciosa 'Carangola' in nature
Sinningia speciosa Lawn hybrids
Sinningia tubiflora Best In Show
Sinningia valsuganensis
Sinningia warmingii flower cluster
Sinningia sp. 'waechteri'
Sinningia sp. 'waechteri' flowers
Sinningia 'Gabriel's Horn' Toronto 04
Streptocarpus cyanandrus (AGGS 04)
Streptocarpus galpinii plant and flower stalk
Streptocarpus galpinii flowers
Streptocarpus lilliputana flower
Streptocarpus lilliputana
Streptocarpus prolixus flowers and plant
Streptocarpus unifoliate hybrid
Streptocarpus variegated hybrid


December 31, 2003

More than 85 new images were posted on this date, and some structural changes were made to the site (e.g. Petrocosmea is now set up as a separate genus).  Primary contributors were Bob Stewart, Christian Feuillet and Ron Myhr.  Other photographs were provided by Marilyn Allen, Allan Lavergne, Toshijiro Okuto, Robert Hall, Dale Martens (including the new start page photo), Mauro Peixoto, Leong Tuck lock, Paul Susi, Dan Swartling, Bill Price and Humberto Vitorino.   

A number of little-known genera and species are included here, some for the first time.  Among these are Agalmyla chorisepala, various Petrocosmeas and Drymonias, several Henckelias, Mitrarias, Sarmientas, Trachycarpus and Loxostigma.  

Achimenes antirrhina
Achimenes 'Caligula'
Aeschynanthus bracteatus
Aeschynanthus garrettii
Aeschynanthus hians flowers
Aeschynanthus oxychlamys (RBGE)
Aeschynanthus siphonanthus
Agalmyla chorisepala
Agalmyla chorisepala flower cluster
Chirita species (Thailand)
Chirita species (USBRG 98-083)
Chirita species flowers (USBRG 98-083)
Chirita species (USBRG 98-083) in sun
Chirita species (USBRG 98-083) foliage
Chirita 'Kazu' 3
Chirita 'Moon Walker' foliage and flowers
Cobananthus calochlamys
Cobananthus calochlamys flower
Columnea calotricha
Columnea erythrophaea (Breedlove)
Columnea minor 4
Columnea repens
Columnea species (JLC-6500)
Columnea 'Mailissa'
Drymonia conchocalyx 'Diane Marie'
Drymonia conchocalyx display fruit
Drymonia cuyabonensis (possible)
Drymonia semocordata flower 2
Drymonia serrulata
Drymonia species (Ecuador)
Drymonia species (Ecuador) stems and foliage
Drymonia strigosa stem
Gesneria acaulis 'Flamingo'
Gloxinia racemosa 2
Hemiboea strigosa
Hemiboea strigosa flower
Henckelia species (Leong 1)
Henckelia species (Leong 3)
Henckelia species (Leong 5)
Henckelia species (Leong 7)
Henckelia species (Leong 8)
Kohleria 'Green Goblin'
Kohleria 'Green Goblin' flower
Loxostigma griffithii
Mitraria coccinea 'Lake Caburgua'
Mitraria coccinea 'Lake Caburgua'  flower
Mitraria coccinea (Ilnacullen)
Mitraria coccinea flower (Ilnacullen)
Moussonia sepetentrionalis 1
Moussonia septentrionalis 2
Negria rhabdothamnoides
Nematanthus crassifolius BS11453
Nematanthus fluminensis natural light
Nematanthus fluminensis flash
Nematanthus serpens
Paradrymonia campostyla
Petrocosmea barbata
Petrocosmea barbata (closeup)
Petrocosmea flaccida (Hyogo Flower Centre)
Petrocosmea minor 2
Petrocosmea minor flowers
Petrocosmea rosettifolia 2
Petrocosmea rosettifolia flowers
Phinea sp USBRG 96-86
Sarmienta scandens
Sarmienta scandens flowers in hand
Sarmienta scandens flowers
Sinningia aggregata 'Pendulina'
Sinningia araneosa in nature
Sinningia conspicua 2
Sinningia sp. 'Ibitioca' tuber
Sinningia macrostachya tuber
Smithiantha laui (blue)
Smithiantha zebrina
Smithiantha 'Big Dots Rule'
Smithiantha 'Sassy Redhead' 2
Streptocarpus denticulatus
Streptocarpus denticulatus flowers
Streptocarpus 'Crystal Ice'
Streptocarpus 'Crystal Ice' flowers
Streptocarpus 'Thalia'
Trachycarpus annamensis
Vanhouttea lanata 2

February 28, 2003

About 45 new images have been posted, including a number of beautiful photos of beautiful plants.  In particular, check out the Columneas and Streptocarpus from Leonie Mills in Australia, and Ray Drew's awesome Petrocosmeas from England.  There are also some very nice photos of Chiritas, some American species growing outside in garden beds in south Florida, and a variety of other interesting plants.  Primary contributors have been Christian Feuillet, Ray Drew and Leonie Mills.

Achimenes misera
Achimenes patens
Achimenes 'Paul Arnold'
Achimenes 'Robert Dressler'
Achimenes 'Yellow Beauty'
Aeschynanthus longicaulis flower
Aeschynanthus mimetes
Chirita dielsii flower 2
Chirita linearifolia
Chirita linearifolia flower closeup
Chirita subrhomboidea windowsill plant
Chirita subrhomboidea flower
Chirita tamiana
Chirita 'Moon Walker' flower
Columnea flexiflora berry
Columnea 'Aladdin's Lamp'
Columnea 'Broget Stavanger' plant
Columnea 'Cascading Beauty'
Diastema racemiferum
Diastema vexans flower
Episcia 'Costa Rica'
Episcia 'Costa Rica' leaf
Gasteranthus villosus
Gloxinia lindeniana leaves
Gloxinia sylvatica flower
Gloxinia sylvatica bed
Gloxinia sylvatica with begonia
Gloxinia sylvatica cultivar
Gloxinia 'Pegasus'
Kohleria 'Brazil Gem'
Moussonia elegans
Petrocosmea duclouxii flowers
Petrocosmea duclouxii
Petrocosmea formosa
Petrocosmea minor
Petrocosmea parryorum
Petrocosmea rosettifolia
Rhynchoglossum notonianum bed
Rhynchoglossum notonianum closeup
Sinningia bulbosa
Sinningia guttata flowers
Streptocarpus 'Falling Stars' plant
Streptocarpus 'Kim' plant

December 15, 2002

A number of new images of antique gesneriad prints were posted, all accessible through the Antique Prints page.  There are now a total of about 85 prints illustrated on the GRW.  More are to be added as they become available. 

A number of minor changes and corrections were also made at this time.


October 15, 2002

A great many new images were posted.  Most of these were from Leslie Brothers of the Smithsonian Institution.  They are not listed individually here, but can be identified by the "15 Oct 02" date in the general alphabetical listing.  Most of these are also individually listed in Leslie's Gallery section, where there are links to the regular image pages as well as to high-resolution versions of the images.

In addition, a new section of the GRW was added, the Gallery.  This is a section dedicated to the particularly fine photography of some of those who contribute to this website.  Two Galleries have been created, one for the photographs of Leslie Brothers, the other for those from Bob Stewart.  Links are contained within each of these Galleries to high-resolution versions of the images they have contributed.


September 30, 2002

About 30 new images of plants from the Royal Horticultural Society's Wisley Gardens, and the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, both in the UK, were added to the site.  Both have interesting collections of gesneriads.  Wisley has some very nice alpines, photos of which were previously posted and which may be found under Ramonda and Haberlea, on the Alpines page.

Achimenes grandiflora (ground cover at Kew)
Aeschynanthus species (poss. micranthus)
Aeschynanthus species flowers (poss micranthus)
Aeschynanthus 'Big Apple'
Aeschynanthus 'Big Apple' flowers
Aeschynanthus 'Hot Flash' (Wisley)
Aeschynanthus 'Hot Flash' flowers (Wisley)
Chirita flavimaculata (Kew)
Chirita flavimaculata long neck (Kew)
xCodonatanthus 'Vista'
Gesneria pedicellaris (Kew)
Episcia cultivars as ground cover (Kew)
Episcia cultivars as ground cover 2 (Kew)
Episcia cultivars as ground cover 3 (Kew)
Eucodonia cultivar (Wisley)
Nematanthus gregarious 'Golden West' (Wisley)
Nematanthus gregarius 'Golden West' stem (Wisley)
Nematanthus gregarius 'Golden West' leaves (Wisley)
Rhytidophyllum exsertum inflorescence
Rhytidophyllum exsertum plant
Saintpaulia magungensis ground cover (Kew)
Sinningia barbata (Kew)
Sinningia micans tuber (Kew)
Sinningia micans inflorescence (Kew)
Sinningia micans flowers (Kew)
Sinningia tubiflora new sprouts (Kew)
Sinningias in gesneriad bed at Kew
Streptocarpus caulescens flowers
Streptocarpus caulescens plant
Streptocarpus johannis blue (Wisley)
Streptopcarpus 'Laura' (Wisley)

July 31, 2002

About 70 images were added, all from the 2002 Convention show of the AGGS.  This was an excellent show, with many unusual and seldom seen specimens, as well as a large number of very well grown more conventional plants.  The list below has all of these images.  You can do a virtual tour of the show by clicking on each in turn, returning to this page after seeing each picture by pressing your browser's "back" arrow/button.

Aeschynanthus hildebrandiiI 'Topaz' AGGS02
Aeschynanthus lobbianus variegated
Bellonia spinosa
Boea hemsleyana plant
Boea hygroscopica plant
Boea hygroscopica flowers
Chirita micromusa AGGS02
Chirita sclerophylla
Chirita sinensis var. angustifolia
Chirita speciosa (flecked leaf)
Chirita 'Chastity' AGGS02
Chyrsothemis pulchella AGGS02
Codonanthe devosiana 'Paula' AGGS02
xCodonatanthus 'Vista' AGGS02
Columnea hirta 'Light Prince'
Columnea (Pentadenia) orientandina AGGS02
Columnea (Pentadenia) orientandina berries AGGS02 
Columnea schiedeana AGGS02
Columnea 'Goldheart'
Columnea 'Goldheart' foliage closeup
Drymonia chiribogana
Episcia lilacina
Episcia 'La Solidad Bronze'
Episcia 'Suomi'
Episcia  'Unpredictable Valley' AGGS02
Eucodonia andrieuxii 'Woolly Morrión'
Koellikeria erinoides 'Polo Polo' and 'Red Satin'
Koellikeria erinoides AGGS02
Kohleria 'Jester' AGGS02
Nematanthus wettsteinii AGGS02
Nematanthus 'Castanet'
Nematanthus 'Hawaiian Jade'
Petrocosmea forrestii
Petrocosmea forrestii flower
Petrocosmea kerrii
Petrocosmea 'Momo'
Rhytidophyllum exsertum
Sinningia araneosa AGGS02
Sinningia calcaria AGGS02
Sinningia cardinalis hybrid
Sinningia hirsuta AGGS02
Sinningia lindleyi AGGS02
Sinningia nivalis AGGS02
Sinningia rupicola AGGS02
Sinningia sellovii AGGS02
Sinningia sellovii flower stem AGGS02
Sinningia tubiflora AGGS02
Sinningia 'Orange Raindrops'
Streptocarpus 'Blushing Bride' AGGS02
Streptocarpus 'Chorus Line' AGGS02
Streptocarpus 'Firebird' AGGS02
Streptocarpus 'Gator's Tail' AGGS02
Streptocarpus 'Happy Snowflake' AGGS02
Streptocarpus 'Joker' AGGS02
Streptocarpus 'Paper Moon' AGGS02

Design Photos
"Atlantic City'
"Cape May Diamonds"
"Challenge Class"
"Cranberry Bog 1"
"Cranberry Bog 2"
"Shore to Please 1"
"Shore to Please 2"
"Truck Garden"
Arrangement of Growing Material 1
Arrangement of Growing Material 2

May 15, 2002

A number of images were added in the period between May 1 and June 15.  Thse include a variety of photos from Lesley Brothers and John Boggan of the Smithsonian Institution, and an interesting Episcia with yellow flowers from Germany.  The largest group of photos were taken in May of 2002 at Wisley Gardens, in the UK.  These are primarily temperate alpine species, including Ramonda and Haberlea. New images can be found by looking in the appropriate genus section, or doing a search on the page of alphabetic listings for the date 15 May 02.

In addition, a number of technical changes and text modifications have been made to the site, and the collection of botanical prints continues to grow.


January 15, 2002

After a very long period during which no changes were made to the site, a miracle occurred.  The GRW was relaunched at the address, and a great deal of additional material was posted.  In total, more than 250 new plant photographs were added (an addition of almost 20% to the site), along with a number of scans of antique botanical prints featuring gesneriads.

The new additions were comprised of many genera, but with heavy emphasis on just a few.  Streptocarpus had 70 images added, Columnea 32, Aeschynanthus 27 and Sinningia and Codonanthe, both with 18.  Photos were also added in Paliavana, Paradrymonia, Pearcea, Rhytidophyllum, Achimenes, Smithiantha, Boea, Chirita Agalmyla, Alloplectus, Alsobia, Anodiscus, Chrysothemis, Diastema, Drymonia, Episcia, Eucodonia, Gesneria, Gloxinia, Kohleria, Lysionotus, Nautilocalyx, Nematanthus and Neomortonia.

Principle contributors were Dirk Bellstedt, with many pictures of Streptocarpus growing in nature in South Africa, and Toshijiro Okuto, who provided an amazing array of photos covering many genera.  


June 15, 1999

Thirty-five images of plants exhibited at the April 1999 show of the Toronto Gesneriad Society were posted.  Included are indifferent photos of several spectacular plants.  Two photos of a new collection of Sinningia schiffneri, with darker leaves and larger, shapelier flowers have also been posted.   Particularly noteworthy are the miniature sinningias exhibited by Robert Hall, especially Sinningia 'Flair' and a variety of new hybrid seedlings.  Kohleria 'Ampallang' is a spectacular plant, although the photography leads a great deal to be desired (mea culpa!).  Monte Watler's plants of Chirita linearifolia and Petrocosmea duclouxii are also very special.  In fact, all of the plants are interesting, and worth checking out.

For the first time we have included images from the "Design" section of a flower show.  These are arrangements of plant and other material, with gesneriads predominating, usually representing a pre-determined theme.  We hope to expand our collection of these kinds of photographs in the future.

New images include the following:

Aeschynanthus 'Coral Flame'
Chirita linearifolia bonsai
Chirita linearifolia flowers
Chirita sp. 'New York' (plant)
Columnea erythrophaea plant
Columnea 'Julia'
Corytoplectus cutucensis
Design "Fireworks"
Design "Gay Nineties"
Design "Power Failure"
Design "Roaring Twenties"
Dish Garden Collection
Episcia 'Tiger Stripe'
Episcia 'Tropical Topaz'
xGloxistema 'First Frost'
Kohleria 'Emily Roberts'
Kohleria 'Strawberry Fields'
Nautilocalyx pictus 'Jade'
Petrocosmea duclouxii flowering plant
Petrocosmea flaccida flowering plant
Saintpaulia hybrid (blue and white)
Saintpaulia hybrid (dark blue frosted)
Sinningia 'Amizade' plant
Sinningia 'Flair'
Sinningia hybrid ('Bewitched' x iarae)
Sinningia hybrid ('Flair' x 'Super Orange' pink)
Sinningia hybrid ('Flair' x 'Super Orange' purple)
Sinningia hybrid ('Super Orange' x 'Tampa Bay Beauty'
Sinningia speciosa 'Touch of Spice'
Smithiantha hybrid (white)
Streptocarpus 'Susie'
Streptocarpus 'Susie' flower

April 2, 1999

Several of Chris Rose's hybrid seedlings, on the GRW since the fall of 1997, have been field tested and found worthy of naming and distribution.  These can now be found under the new names, as follows:

Streptocarpus 'Dark Secret'
Streptocarpus 'Hannah Ellis'
Streptocarpus 'Inky Fingers'
Streptocarpus 'Largesse'
Streptocarpus 'Old Rose Wine'
Streptocarpus 'Turbulent Tide'
Streptocarpus 'Violet Showers'

March 31, 1999

About 85 new images were added, from several contributors.  In addition, significant site maintenance was performed.  A page was added for occasional Features, with a report and photos from the annual show of the Toronto Gesneriad Society the initial content.  A search page was added, allowing keyword searching of the entire site. Some modifications were made to the start page, and to the text content of several of the genus pages.

New images are as follows.  In some cases, duplicates (different views) are not listed here, but are identified with date in the alphabetical listing.:

From John Boggan:
Achimenes dulcis
Chirita ‘Sweet Dreams’
Chirita eberhardtii
Chirita flavimaculata,
‘Chastity’ and longgangensis
Gloxinia purpurascens
Kohleria bogotensis x Sciadotydaea hybrid
Kohleria 'Punch'
Sinningia 'Paper Moon'

From Christel Collier:
Episcia 'Blue Nile'
Saintpaulia 'Firehouse'

From Dale Martens:
Chirita ‘Moon Walker’
Chirita moonii
Nautilocalyx ‘Dekla’
Smithiantha ‘Cassandra’
Smithiantha ‘Jaguar’
Smithiantha ‘Sassy Redhead’
Smithiantha ‘Sparkle’
Smithiantha canarina
Smithiantha zebrina hybrid x S. Kartuz hybrid
xSmithicodonia ‘Denise’
Streptocarpus 'Franken Kerry's Gold' (courtesy Kenneth Jones and Thomas Causer)

From Mary Mendum (Debbie White of the RBGE, photographer):
Aeschynanthus oxychlamys
Aeschynanthus oxychlamys stem
Aeschynanthus roseoflorus
Aeschynanthus roseoflorus flowers

From Ron Myhr:
Alsobia punctata x A. sp. ‘Chiapas’ stolon
Chirita ‘Keiko’ flower closeup
Chirita ‘Keiko’ plant
Chirita 'Keiko' flower side view
Chirita flavimaculata flower
Kohleria ‘Ampallang’ flower
Kohleria ‘Ampallang’ flower side view
Kohleria ‘Ampallang’ plant
Nematanthus punctatus ined flower
Nematanthus punctatus ined plant

From Chris Rose:
Streptocarpus candidus flower cluster
Streptocarpus candidus flowers
Streptocarpus candidus plant
Streptocarpus dunnii flower cluster
Streptocarpus dunnii plant
Streptocarpus dunnii with other streps
Streptocarpus fantasy (cyaneus pink x S. ‘Joanna’)
Streptocarpus fantasy (cyaneus pink x S. ‘Joanna’) with other streps
Streptocarpus fantasy [(johannis x ‘Elsi’) x (‘Ruby’ x Elsi’)]
Streptocarpus goetzii flowers
Streptocarpus goetzii plant
Streptocarpus haygarthii flowers
Streptocarpus haygarthii plant
Streptocarpus johannis x S. candidus
Streptocarpus kirkii
Streptocarpus vandeleurii and S. dunnii (in window)
Streptocarpus vandeleurii flower cluster
Streptocarpus vandeleurii plant

From Ethan Russo (presenter on ethnobotany at AGGS 98)
Drymonia semicordata flower
Drymonia semicordata stems

From Ruth Zavitz:
Episcia 'Star of Bethlehem'
Kohleria eriantha (possible)
Nematanthus ‘Tropicana’ (flower)
Nematanthus ‘Tropicana’ (plant)
Ornithoboea wildeana
Phinaea species
Sinningia 'Diego'
Sinningia leucotricha x S. 'Good Pink'
Smithiantha multiflora

February 15, 1999

Substantial changes and additions were made to the Columnea genus.  All content related to the broader Columnea alliance (Columnea, Trichantha, Dalbergaria, Pentadenia and Bucinellina) were converted to the single-genus taxonomic system generally associated with Dr. Laurence Skog.  Details are contained on the Columnea genus page

A large number of new images of Columnea, courtesy of the Smithsonian Institution, were posted with this date.  There were about 100 of these images, representing almost 10% of the total content of the GRW.   They are not listed individually here, but can be accessed from both the alphabetical list (which shows the posting date) and the genus page (which shows thumbnails).  Most of the Columnea content on the GRW is new.

The GRW now has well over 1000 different images of gesneriads.


January 19, 1999

Significant site maintenance was completed, which involved a complete re-transfer of the site to the service provider.  The address was changed to, although the previous address ( continues to work.  Some changes and fixes were made, and new pages for CrossWords were added.

About ten new photos were posted, primarily images taken by Ron Myhr.  These were scanned from prints, with the expected loss of detail and "flattening" of the image.   Replacements will be made when professional scans of slides/negatives can be obtained.  The new material includes the following:

Alsobia punctata x Alsobia 'Chiapas' sp. nov. ined. (2 photos)
flavimaculata flavimaculata
hybrid hybrid (2 photos)
'Ampallang' 'Ampallang' (2 photos)

Nematanthus punctatus Chautems ined (2 photos)

September 7, 1998

Over 50 additional images were posted.  One set is comprised of photos taken in the spring of 1998 at the Smithsonian Institution greenhouses in Washington, D.C.  The second set is a number of new photos of species Streptocarpus from Dirk Bellstedt of South Africa, including some images of very rare or seldom seen (and beautiful) plants.  A third set is from Ruth Zavitz of Ontario, Canada.

Some minor maintenance has been performed, in particular on the Gesneriad overview page, in order to make it display properly in browsers such as Opera (it was working in IE and Netscape).  The "Best of the Site" page has also been modified, to reflect the new material.

Photos taken at the Smithsonian Institution (asterisk indicates a particularly nice plant or a particularly nice photo, or both):

Aeschynanthus ‘Ramadan’
Aeschynanthus cordifolius
Aeschynanthus cordifolius flower closeup*
Aeschynanthus radicans
xCodonatanthus ‘Tambourine’*
Columnea ‘Evening Glow’
Columnea angustata
Columnea arguta berries*
Columnea lehmanii
Columnea ornate
Columnea raymondii*
Nematanthus strigillosus
Sinningia ‘Redcoat’ hybrid
Sinningia ‘Redcoat’ hybrid flower*
Sinningia ‘Redcoat’ hybrid flower cluster
Sinningia braziliensis x aggregata
Sinningia braziliensis x aggregata flowers
Sinningia cardinalis pink
Sinningia cooperi tuber
Sinningia douglasii sprouting tuber
Sinningia lineata
Sinningia lineata flowers closeup*
Sinningia lineata flowers side view
Sinningia macropoda
Sinningia macropoda flower cluster*
Sinningia macrorrhiza x ‘Redcoat’*
Sinningia macrorrhiza x ‘Redcoat’ flower closeup
Sinningia rupicola
Sinningia rupicola flower closeup*
Sinningia sellovii

Photos provided by Dirk Bellstedt (particularly interesting photos are asterisked):

Streptocarpus caeruleus
Streptocarpus caeruleus flowers*
Streptocarpus candidus
Streptocarpus caulescens
Streptocarpus cooksonii*
Streptocarpus cyaneus (short blue)
Streptocarpus fanninae
Streptocarpus fanninae rhizome*
Streptocarpus fenestra-dei (cyaneus white)
Streptocarpus fenestra-dei (cyaneus white) Kirstenbosch*
Streptocarpus hillsenburgii*
Streptocarpus johannis blue
Streptocarpus johannis wide flowers*
Streptocarpus kentaniensis
Streptocarpus molweniensis ssp molweniensis*
Streptocarpus molweniensis ssp molweniensis flower stem
Streptocarpus porphyrostachys*
Streptocarpus primulifolius eastern range
Streptocarpus stomandrus
Streptocarpus wendlandii*
Streptocarpus wendlandii flowers
Streptocarpus wendlandii red leaf*

From Ruth Zavitz:

xAchimenantha ‘Inferno’
Chirita hybrid (Malaysia)
Eucodonia hybrid**


August 31, 1998

A great deal of new material has been posted with this date.   Immediately evident will be the new initial interface for the site, including a new Home Page, and a new overview of the Gesneriad family.   New content includes an illustrated article by Mary Mendum of the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh on Aeschynanthus, and a tour of the plants shown at the AGGS 1998 Convention.  Also posted is a Contributors page, with photos and short bios of most of those who have contributed photos or other content to the site.

In addition, the first 1998 issue of CrossWords has been posted (at last!), and there are several images associated with the new CW articles.

Images of the following plants from the AGGS Convention were posted (particularly nice plants or photos are asterisked):

Achimenes ‘Sunburst’
Aeschynanthus hildebrandii ‘Topaz’
Aeschynanthus speciosus
Aeschynanthus speciosus flower closeup*
Alsobia dianthiflora topiary
Alsobia sp ‘Chiapas’*
xBriggandra calliantha
Columnea ‘Red King’
Columnea ‘Tigridia’*
Columnea ‘Tigridia’ flower closeup
Diastema comiferum
Episcia ‘Flamingo’
Episcia ‘Unpredictable Valley’*
Gloxinia ‘Chic’
Gloxinia ‘Chic’ flower closeup*
Kohleria ‘Empress’
Kohleria ‘Empress’ flower
Nematanthus ‘Black Gold’
Nematanthus ‘Chatterbox’
Nematanthus ‘Chatterbox’ flower closeup
Petrocosmea duclouxii
Petrocosmea duclouxii closeup*
Saintpaulia ‘Teen Thunder’*
Saintpaulia brevipilosa
Saintpaulia brevipilosa flower closeup
Saintpaulia orbicularis var purpurea
Sinningia ‘Carnaval’
Sinningia ‘Kaleidoscope’*
Sinningia ‘Treva’s Treasure’
Sinningia ‘Treva’s Treasure’ flower closeup*
Sinningia concinna**
Sinningia glazioviana x eumorpha
Sinningia glazioviana x eumorpha flower closeup
Sinningia kautskyii x hirsuta
Sinningia pusilla**
Sinningia speciosa ‘Merry Christmas’*
Streptocarpus ‘Al’s Pal’
Streptocarpus ‘Al’s Pal’ flower closeup*
Streptocarpus ‘Bristol’s Luv It’
Streptocarpus ‘Burgundy’
Streptocarpus ‘Burgundy’ flower closeup*
Streptocarpus ‘Mighty Mouse’
Streptocarpus ‘Strawberry Crush’
Streptocarpus ‘Strawberry Crush’ flower closeup
Streptocarpus ‘Texas Hot Chili’
Streptocarpus ‘Texas Hot Chili' flower closeup
Streptocarpus candidus
Streptocarpus candidus flower closeup*
Streptocarpus pumilus

The following images from Dave Jarvis, Keith Jacobson and Dale Martens were also posted:

Achimenes antirrhina
Achimenes heterophylla*
Columnea ‘Broget Stavanger’*
Kohleria bogotensis x warszewiczii (1)*
Kohleria bogotensis x warszewiczii (2)

April 30, 1998

More than 100 new images were posted, of a large variety of subjects.  Primary contributions were from John Boggan of the Smithsonian Institution, Toshijiro Okuto of the Hyogo Prefecture Flower Center in Japan, and gesneriad hybridizer and CrossWords editor Dale Martens.

The large number, and wide diversity, of the subjects makes individual listings here difficult.  Of particular note, however, is the set of Aeschynanthus images provided by Mr. Okuto, which nicely round out the collection here.  The photos of A.  chrysanthus (including one from John Boggan) amply illustrate the potential of this genus, as do those of A. guttatus

Many of the images from Mr. Boggan and Ms. Martens are of unusual and rarely seen gesneriads.  Check out Paliavana tenuiflora, Capanea grandiflora, Rhytidophyllum leucomallon and Gasteranthus quitensis.   Among the more familiar genera are some outstanding species of rarely seen or newly collected species (Nematanthus corticola, Kohleria amabalis var bogotensis, Sinningia guttata) and a number of great new hybrids (Streptocarpus 'Blue Mars', Streptocarpus 'Texas Fantasy', Sinningia kautskyi x S. hirsuta). For spectacular floral effects, not too many photographs or cultivars can beat Kohleria 'Selby'.

All of the new material can be identified by the date of 30 April 98, included in the alphabetical listings.


December 29, 1997

A large number of new photos from Professor Dirk Bellstedt of Stellenbosch, South Africa, were posted.  These are mostly of Streptocarpus species, and many are of plants found growing in nature.  The set is a valuable addition to the on-line resources dedicated to Streptocarpus, and  will be useful to anyone interested in this very interesting genus.  Several of the species illustrated are seldom seen in collections (or for that matter as pictures).  A quick tour of the images from Prof. Bellstedt may be taken by clicking here.

In addition, Prof. Bellstedt has provided several photos of Saintpualia species, including some growing in nature. 

Several new images of Chirita species from Toshijiro Okuto in Japan were previously posted, but without annotation or the correct grower information.  This has now been corrected.  These are images well worth checking out for both the beauty of the photos and the intrinsic interest of the species:

Chirita briggsoides
Chirita briggsoides
Chirita speciosa
Chirita speciosa
Chirita tribracteata
Chirita tribracteata
bracts and buds
Chirita sinensisi var. latifolia
Chirita sinensis Chirita sinensis var. latifolia dwarf


November 23, 1997

About 70 new photos were posted, mainly pictures of Streptocarpus hybrids taken when I visited Chris Rose in Bristol, England, and Dibley's Nurseries in north Wales. In addition, there are several new photos from Toshijiro Okuto in Japan of new and unusual Chirita species. Most of the photos bear the date November 15, 1997.

Two "Tours" have been added to the site. The first of these "Streptocarpus in Britain", contains a sampling of the hybrids produced and grown by Chris Rose and by Dibley's Nurseries. Most of the photos of these plants are represented in the tour, and the full-size pages can be accessed by clicking on the photos in the tour.

The second is a quick Tour of gesneriads I photographed at the Royal Botanic Garden, in Edinburgh. Most, but not all, of these photos are represented in the tour, with a few additional pictures in the general listings.

Among Toshijiro Okuto's Chiritas of particular interest are Chirita briggsioides, with dramatic purple lower lobes and white uppers; Chirita speciosa; Chirita tribracteata; and Chirita sinensis var. latifolia (also in a dwarf version).

Some additional photos have come from Ruth Zavitz, of Windsor, Canada, including Nematanthus albus Chautems ined (formerly known as N. sp. 'Santa Teresa') and Drymonia kilippi.


October 1, 1997

About 65 new photos were posted. Of these, about 45 were of plant material grown at the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh, with the rest from a variety of sources. The genera Achimenes, Aeschynanthus, Cobonanthe, Gesneria, Gloxinia, Haberlea, Mitraria, Nautilocalyx, Nematanthus, Ramonda, Sinningia and Streptocarpus are represented in the new material, with the most significant additions being in Aeschynanthus and Sinningia. Among the new material, the following are of particular interest:

Aeschynanthus pachyanthus, a newly described species at the RBGE, with very unusual flower color and form.

Aeschynanthus obconicus, also from the RBGE, with brilliant red conical calyces, complimenting the red flowers.

Aeschynanthus pulcher, another from the RBGE with unusual beige calyx tubes.

Aeschynanthus speciosus from Allan Gardens in Toronto, complete with mealybugs.

Aeschynanthus cultivars, several in a single photo from Ingrid Lindskog in Sweden, showing A. speciosus, A. hildebrandii and three of their hybrid offspring.

Ramonda myconi and Haberlea ferdinandii-coburgii, both growing on rock walls at the RBGE.

Sinningia concinna, the second of the microminiature Sinningia species, in several views. Most of the photos are from Sue Hodges of Australia.

Sinningia reitzii, a large growing, woody-stemmed, cultivar, growing at Allan Gardens in Toronto.


July 12, 1997

An extensive article on the genus Saintpaulia, by Jeff Smith, was posted. This article has a great deal of information on the species Saintpaulia, along with illustrations of most of those species. In addition, an Episcia Tour has been added. Similar to an article, the Episcia Tour allows the viewer to conveniently view a series of the Episcia images on this site, and to compare and contrast various cultivars. Some additions and improvements have also been made to the article Chirita by John Boggan.

The following images were added:

Chirita heterotricha
Chirita sclerophylla
'Moonlight Valley' (2) 'Moonlight Valley' (2)
Episcia 'Pink Dreams'
Saintpaulia confusa (detail)
Saintpaulia goetzeana
Saintpaulia goetzeana
(detail) (detail)
Saintpaulia grotei
Engler Engler
Saintpaulia magungensis
var. magungensis var. magungensis
Saintpaulia pendula
var. pendula

Saintpaulia pendula var. pendula (detail)
Saintpaulia sp. Robertson
Sinningia 'Little Tiger'
'Little Tiger' (detail)
Smithiantha 'Riko'


June 15, 1997

A "sub site" for CrossWords, the newsletter of the Gesneriad Hybridizers' Association, was added, and will be updated regularly as new issues of CW are published. In addition, a number of new images were posted, primarily from the AVSC national show in Toronto. While all of these images are interesting and useful, the photgraphic quality of some is less than perfect. The best images are of the winners of the best in show awards, particularly Saintpaulia 'Picasso' and Sinningia leucotricha.


June 1, 1997

The main additions to the site were a large number of Saintpaulia species photos, primarily from two sources, and a number of Episcia photos, primarily from the AVSC national show. Toshijiro Okuto of Japan at one point grew many species Saintpaulia, and his photographs of these plants in naturalistic settings are choice. In addition, I took a number of photos of species exhibited at the May, 1997, AVSC national show in Toronto. There were many fine plants on exhibit, and these have provided excellent material for illustration of the potential of the species. Jeff Smith, a species Saintpaulia expert, has provided a number of comments on the plants, and will be providing an article in the future. Best place to start viewing these Saintpaulia photos is from the Saintpaulia genus page.

There were a remarkable number of fine Episcia specimens at the AVSC national show in May, 1997, in Toronto. I photographed most of these, and the images are now posted on the site. As well, Elizabeth Whiteside provided scans of two nice plants, one of which is unidentified. All may be seen as thumbnails on the Episcia and Alsobia genus page, with links to the full size images.

Also on this date, the home page for the site was substantially modified, to provide for faster loading and easier access to the hyperlinks.


April 14, 1997

The primary addition on this date has been the article on Chirita taxonomy from John Boggan of the Smithsonian Institution. This article reviews the general taxonomic issues in the genus, and is illustrated by a series of the photos from this site. A few additional photos of Chirita have been posted, all from Toshijiro Okuto of Japan. Of particular interest are two new images of Chirita sp. 3 (which Mr. Boggan has identified as a variant of C. fimbrisepala), and a photo of another unidentified species (C. sp. 'Wuhan').

Jeanne Katzenstein, editor of The Gloxinian, the publication of the American Gloxinia and Gesneriad Society, has contributed several photos, including miniature sinningias (check out the S. 'Bright Eyes' image) and Pearcea hypocyrtiflora.


March 31, 1997

Fifty-four additional images have been added, primarily from two contributors. In addition, some changes have been made to the "Home" page, and the genus Paradrymonia has been given its own page (it had been lumped in with other miscellaneous genera in the "Sundries and Oddities" page).

Twenty-nine of the new images are from Rick Dunn, and are exclusively of cultivars and species from the genus Achimenes. These represent a very good base for an archive on this popular genus, which I hope we will continue to build.

Twenty of the new images are from Bob Stewart, and are primarily of relatively little-known gesneriads. Bob's photography is exquisite, his annotations interesting and useful, and these flowers, fruits and plants have never been seen to such good effect. Check the genus listings for Paradrymonia, Nematanthus, Drymonia and Sundries and Oddities to navigate to these images. Well worth it! As a sampler, try Solenophora tuxtlana, Drymonia strigosa, Paradrymonia hypocyrta and xHeppimenes 'Tezli'.

The additional images are my own, and are of gesneriads growing in a public conservatory in Toronto, Allan Gardens. Four of the five images show Gloxinia, Saintpaulia, Chrysothemis and Smithiantha growing in open beds, illustrating a "natural" approach to growing and displaying gesneriads.


February 18, 1997

Addition of a number of additional images, primarily photographs of Chirita species from John Boggan of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, and from Toshijiro Okuto of Japan. Mr. Okuto also has supplied some photographs of the alpine genera Opithandra and Conandron.

Several errors of nomenclature or identification have also been corrected.


February 03, 1997

Several minor "fixes", primarily to resolve broken links from some of the text pages. As well, a few typos corrected, and some additional explanatory text on two images.


February 01, 1997

A substantial revision, affecting every page on the site.

A relatively minor change to the site will be made by February 15. This will include a number of additional images of Chirita from Toshijiro Okuto, and from John Boggan of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. Shortly thereafter, a significant article will be posted here, providing an overview of the genus Chirita, with inclusion of the Chirita images from the site for illustration purposes.




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