The Gesneriad Reference Web is a non-commercial operation. Images and text have been contributed by many different people -- content is the purpose of this site, and without these contributions I would have very little content. My thanks to all those who have made the site possible.

Otherwise, however, I have done it all myself. The time (lots and lots of time) I have been happy to donate to the project; I have learned about both gesneriads and website building, and it has been fun. The feedback from both gesneriad folk and others has been great. From a personal perspective, it has been more than worthwhile!

Costs are a different matter, and while relatively modest have been a significant constraining factor.

There are two main expenses involved in this project. The first of these is the cost of posting the material on the Web. It is necessary to "rent" space on a Web server, and pay for the data that is transferred out of the site if the volumes become too high. As more and more people look at the photographs here, the volumes start to mount up.

The second major expense is the cost of transferring images to PhotoCD format, so that I can subsequently process into the form necessary for posting. This is a substantial expense, and may ultimately be the limiting factor.

Other costs, like software for website creation, are significant, but are independent of the size of the site. I have been happy to absorb these.

To date, sponsorship has been limited. As useful as this sponsorship has been, though, the site continues to be a drain on my personal resources. In addition, I have been considering several possibilities for exciting changes, but all require movement to a commercial server at additional expense.

Any additional donors will be recognized on this site; any additional donations will be used only to offset existing out-of-pocket expenses, or to enhance the delivery of Gesneriad information online. If you are considering a donation, please e-mail me.


Sponsors of the Gesneriad Reference Web:
Pathway Communications is my Internet Service Provider. I have been very pleased with the service that Pathway has given to me as a subscriber, and believe that their solid service and excellent technical capabilities make them a fine choice for anyone in the Toronto area who is about to make an ISP decision.

Pathway has provided substantial support to my Web project, without which I could not have continued with the project.

Individuals who have contributed financially to the development and maintenance of the site, thereby helping me to ensure its continuing presence on the Web, include the following:

Elaine Lemay

Laura Johnson




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