Streptocarpus hybrid ('Texas Hot Chili X vandeleurii)

Photo by Ron Myhr
Grown by Ron Myhr

This fine hybrid by Chris Rose of Bristol, UK, draws red color from Dale Martens' 'Texax Hot Chili' with flowering habit, floriferousness and scent from the species S. vandeleurii.  It is a sibling seedling to a named hybrid S. 'Biscentenary', and will also be named and distributed.  As of the end of March, 2006, the provisional name S. 'Rose Scentsation' had been applied to material distributed for propagation.

Another interesting characteristic of this hybrid is the changing flower color.  Flowers open an intense pink-mauve, and then fade to a beautiful clear dusty rose color. 

For scale, this plant is in a 5" pot.



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