Streptocarpus 'Inky Fingers'

Photo by Ron Myhr
Grown by Chris Rose

This "starry" purple-violet bicolor is the result of a cross of an alleged S. gardenii seedling and S. 'Sandra'. The gardenii parent was grown from seed supplied as that species, but exhibited bluish-lilac flowers with darker throat stripes. S. gardenii is normally seen as white with black veins and a green tube. S. 'Sandra' has large mauve flowers with a tracery of deep purple on the lower lobes.

Although it has a relatively low flower count on each peduncle, this hybrid produces a compact and circular rosette of numerous leaves, with many peduncles per leaf. The result is a floriferous and eye-catching display of flowers up to almost 50 mm in diameter.

Seedling code (GD3SA)4.



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