Streptocarpus eylesii ssp. eylesii

Photo by Ron Myhr
Grown by Chris Rose

This is a large unifoliate species with a linear leaf. It was grown by Chris Rose from seed provided by Isobyl la Croix in Scotland, a former distributor of species Streptocarpus. She probably received the original material from Martin Kunhardt in South Africa, or collected it herself. The plant bloomed in 18 months from seed. A closeup of the flowers may be seen here.

Chris Rose reports that this clone is strongly scented, with the scent detectable from 3 meters in an enclosed room. He thinks it smells like over-ripe bananas, while others are reminded of curry.

I have also grown this plant, with indifferent results -- my clone was not scented, but then I was barely able to keep it alive before it flowered.



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