Viewers may encounter problems of several kinds, mostly dependent on the type of browser being used, or the settings of their computer.


Images are patchy, and the color seems odd

Some computers are set to display only a total of 256 colors, which makes photographs look odd and color to be inaccurate.  While some older computers may not be able to  display more than this number of colors, most can be reset to "16 bit" (thousands of colors) or "24 bit" (millions of colors).  For best results with photographs, more colors is always better.   


The pictures and the lists take a long time to display

While I have done as much as I can to reduce the size of the image files, there is a limit to what can be done without compromising display quality.    Unfortunately, if you have a slow internet connection, there will be some waiting involved.  As well, the main picture index page (alphabet.htm) is a very large file, and takes a while to download.  Your browser might allow you to download and "cache" some of these pages.

On occasion, the server on which the site is maintained can get busy, resulting in delays.  However, delays are more likely to occur as a result of heavy internet traffic in general.  If you are experience unusual delays, simply try again at another time.

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